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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sizzling Stonegrill @ Aeon Jusco Malacca

My aunt was asking whether we would like to spend our Saturday shopping in Malacca and of course the answer is YESSS! I am so bored at home during the holidays. Sad to say that both my Thailand and KL trip had been cancelled. The first holidays going nowhere since SPM year. Grrrrr. It was a random shopping day in Malacca. Malacca has always been a great place for us Muarian, so close to us, yet fulled with all entertainment and shops that we like. Spent 600+ bucks on my CNY and practicum clothes in Padini and Brand Outlets. Students love pretty teachers. =)

Had our late lunch? hightea? early dinner? at Sizzling Stonegrill. 

This cuisine is strongly recommended by my friend all the time and since I was here, how could I miss my chance to dine in right? So here we were!!
 The atmosphere in the shop made you feel like you are situated in Stone Age.

There were plenty of choices from steak, seafood, chicken to even ostrich meat if I'm not mistaken. But I ended up choosing chicken because I'm allergic to prawn and it is a big NO NO to steak for my family. 
Grilled chicken chop On the rock @RM 13.90. 
The meat was so raw when it was served. I was quite surprise with it because I thought maybe the waiter will help us to grill the meat like those Korean restaurant, but he just served and turned away. So, I became the 'chef' to grill it and serve my family members. I was so worry that it couldn't be really well cooked and ready to eat by the stone. But no worries, the stone was really HOT. It served you hot and fresh chicken. It was super delicious!
Grilled Chicken Kebab RM14.90
It looked alright but still it was raw when my aunt first tried. Oops. So I separated it from the stick and grill it once again. I prefer the Grilled chicken chop more because it is softer and tasted better with pepper.

 Tomyam Kuey Tiao with Chicken on the rock @RM8.90.
 Tomyam Tang Hoon with Seafood @RM8.90
The Tomyam was recommended by my friend and yes, it tasted superb! It was spicy and sour and nom nom nom. =P

With my foodie. I was a food monster after whole day shopping.
The portion was quiet big, we ordered 4 sets for 5 of us and my aunts claimed that they were so full!
Had Starbucks at 20% discount as dessert after the meal.
Green Tea frap, Java Chip frap and Hot Mocha.
 While waiting my aunts to pay the parking fare in the car.
 There were brother and I.
Have a peek on my new clothes.
Gotta tidy up them, Ciao and Happy Weekend.

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