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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

JC in UK (2)

Like finally I get to have a proper shower and good night rest at home.
And the next morning, I woke up at 7am. Not sure is it because of the jetlag that causes, but it is always good to sleep early and wake up early isn't it?
As the saying goes like the early bird catches the worm. Ha!
Those views. Aww.
Walked like about 1km to the nearest Catford Bridge station to catch the rail to the Charing Cross station. It was only 2 degree celsius that morning. I was wearing like a dumpling lol

Walked to Embankment to meet with the bro and kicked start our journey.
London Eye
Hello Ben. How do you do?
After that we walked around that area and went to the Supreme Court nearby.
There was a very strict check before you entered the court. So we gotta take off our wraps to pass the security check then wrapped it back. Gosh, I hate it.
Flowers symbol England, Northen Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
These are the UK countries.
The court for appeal.
There are an exhibition room that showed some histories of the court and also some cases.
It was quite interesting to spend your time reading those cases, knowing the reason some people appeal and how the final decision of the judges.

And after that we moved to the travelling spot which is located just opposite the court.
Westminster Abbey Cathedral
One of the UK's most notable religious buildings and the traditional place of coronation and burial site for English.
The places that I visited are all within walking distance.
How to get there?
Just take a tube and get down at Charing Cross station then walk to Embankment station/ or you can straight away take a tube towards that station but I just followed how my brother instructed. When you get to the Embankment station, turn right and walk along the Thames River and you will find London Eye on your left and so on.
The most representative view of England.

And after a whole morning walking here and there in a winter cold like this, we felt so hungry.
So the brother brought us to Chinatown to have our proper lunch.
How to get there?
Take a tube to the Leicester Square station and walk.
Out of so many Chinese cuisine there, we picked Dumpling's Legend to dine in.
You don't only feel nice to have your hometown food in a foreigner country,
you feel great to have hot food on a freezing day.
Strolling around the Leicester Square. 
And according to bro, this is the place where a lot of celebrities came and walked for the red carpet. And he said Usain Bolt was there last few days!
And looked at what we found there!
Not a Lego fans, but still salute and adore those efforts.
The tube. It is so real and so amazing!
The Big Ben lego is freaking cool!
The visitors are given chances to pick and build there.
3 lego patung cost 5.99 pounds.
Is really cheap. If you don't convert the currency. ha!

And before the sky get darken, we got another must-check-in place.
Actually there are a lot more, but due to the insufficient of time, we picked our favourite spot to go.
We hopped back to the tube and get down at the Tower Hill station.
Followed the signboard and we passed by the London Wall.
It was the defensive wall built by the Romans around Londinium, their strategically important port town on the Thames River. Londinium is now London, England.
The Tower of London
It is a historic castle located on the north bank of the Thames River. 
The White Tower building gives the enter castle its name.
Tower Bridge in real!
It is a combined bascule and suspension bridge crosses the Thames River.
The bridge deck is freely accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. But the moment we were there, the road is under construction so the there wasn't any vehicles on the bridge.
The tallest building in London, The Shard.
We then walked from the Tower Bridge to London Bridge station.
We always sing the song 'London Bridge is falling down' but there isn't really a bridge named as London Bridge. It is merely a name of a tube's station.
It was actually quite far to walk but no choice we are not going to walk back the same route so we gotta keep walking forward.
So yea, it called off a day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

JC in UK (1)

Hello guys. I am back to my space.
Like finally, the holidays coming and I am really looking forward this holidays because I am going to Europe!!!
Actually I did feel stress for this trip lah. 'Coz it was only about one month time for me to plan and the flight ticket was booked just 2-3 weeks before the trip and of course I was busy for my own work stuff.
When you are reading this, I am in UK and the trip is incomplete, yet.
Youngster gonna have some adventurous spirit and courage huh!
Even though I am right in UK typing this, I still feel so unreal.
I guess visiting Europe is in everybody's bucket list and I never think that I can make this dream come true so soon. My mind is still very unprepared.

So, I was flying with Emirates on 27 Nov. Flew for about 7 hours from KL to Dubai, waiting for the transit for 3 hours and continue flying for another 8 hours to UK.
Taking plane is always a nightmare for me coz I can hardly sleep in the cabin. I am the type of person who hardly sleep in a sitting position.
I was really tired during my first flight but I couldn't get to fall asleep. 
And the more unfortunately thing was that the second flight delayed. Shit.
They changed our boarding gate and then rearranged rechecked everything.
We carried the hand luggage and walked so far to another gate and there were many of them sat on the floor waiting to be on board like refugees.
But it doesn't affect my good mood to go travel. Despite the delay, I still like Emirates.
They offered good food, free flow wine and even wifi. It is so cool to online and chat with friends when you are flying on the sky.
After a whole day travelling, finally I reached Heathrow Airport at UK time 9am.
What surprise me the MOST was that my bro came to the airport to pick us up!!!
Never know that he can be such a sweet and romantic fellow. 
Was really excited and feeling safe when I saw him.
Bro prepared us the Oyster card. 
He had topped up for us so that we could travel easier by the public transport.
I doubt why it named Oyster??
6 degree celsius in London today.
But the sun was super super strong! Feeling thankful to have sun shone on me.
On the train. They called it tube.
The destination for today is BRITISH MUSEUM!!!
So you must get to here if you are visiting/ planning to visit London.
How to get there?
Take the Northern Line *black colour line* get down at Tottenham Court Road Station and walk along the street and then turn left then keep walking for a while and turn right when you see a money changer. *if not mistaken LOL*

 The museum is sooooooooo big. There are so many valuable things to see, so many history to read.
Too bad I just spent 3 hours here and it is definitely NOT enough.
I found the museum super cool as all those pictures that I used to see from the secondary history text book came real into my eyes!
The coolest highlight in the museum is of course the mummies.
I kept searching David there and every statue with the ''organ'' is David for me. Ha!
Buddha statues.
Chinese ceramics.
Korean room and the old money display.
We simply strolled for 3 hours to see all the display.
When we were going to exit, we realised that the sky had turned dark.
The sky here turned dark about 4-5pm in the winter.
The night view of the British Museum.
Love this shot the most! Credits to the aunt.
With the London representative telephone booth.
The street view when we are walking back to the Underground.
Christmas display!!!
Unexpectedly but I saw it while the train stopped by the Waterloo station.

It is 10pm in the UK when I am typing this, which is Malaysia time 6am in the morning.
So with a very tired body and mindset, I am saying Goodnight.
Can't wait for tomorrow as I am sightseeing to all the travelling spot!