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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Relaxing Friday night at Grazia Cafe.

Hello from me.
I felt like sitting roller coaster recently. 
There are lots of happy incidents of course.
I am a cheerful person that always satisfied by a little thing.
A smile and a simple greeting from students.
A well planned lesson and a smooth teaching process.
A good dishes cooked.
life is not a bed of roses.
When there are good things, there are sad things too.
Which shocked me, saddened me and hurt me as well.
Only God know how much I hope it was just a nightmare.

I am here,
to a cafe which I feel like visiting few weeks ago.
I found this cafe and how good the atmosphere is when I searched for 'Cafe in Sutera Area'.
There are a loooooong list but this cafe attracted me the most.
I always like vintage thingy.
As well as cute thing.

When I stepped into the cafe, I was like Woah.
This was the place!
It was spacious and the slightly yellowish dim light made one feel super relaxing.
I love this site the most.
The menu is so cute Oh My Gawd!!
The doodle on the wall deco are awesome!
Those sentences. Such motivating and sending me positive energy.
There are a lot of books there, both English and Chinese.
It will be really good to read here.
I think I will pay my second visit here, pay for the drinks and mark my books here.
One can serve himself/herself a cup of lemon water while waiting for the food.
I like the service here.
The waiter and waitress are very polite and the food came real fast.
Caesar's Salad (RM13.90) for Vivian.
Slightly pricey but worth it 'coz it came with quite a big portion. 
Needless to introduce, salad is always delicious!
Mushroom Chicken Chop with butter rice (RM23.90) for Clare.
The chicken is really soft. Dayum.
Guess what?
I had my all time favourite Carbonara (RM20.90) again!
The sauce was thick and a bit dry and slightly salty for me. You know I had tried too many carbonara, erm, so well, to be honest this wasn't the best I had, but it was above average.

We were there for about 2 hours.
Eating, chit-chatting, updating each other and enjoy the moment.
We are already here for about half year and we are given different jobs, different responsible throughout these few months.
We met different people. We experienced different things. We faced different problems. We lead different lifestyle.
So I guess this is why we seldom stick together nowadays like we used to be when we were still so new and helpless.
I do feel sad sometime seeing or feeling these changes.
I care too much about those so-called friends of mine. I care.
But I guess I am too immature. 
I should accept the fact that this is what growing up or adulthood bring to us.
So I appreciate every moments especially when we got the chance to sit down and talk.
I hope we could have sweet time like this to gather and update each other more often. As a routine perhaps.
I love you girls.
I hope our friendship last forever.
No matter what.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My blog isn't dead.

My blog isn't dead.
I'm still alive.
Everyday is great.
A lot of simple yet interesting small happenings.
I insta too much.
That seemed to be my little diaries as I typed short notes and everyday feelings there,
and I tend to forget there is a space of mine here.
I'm sorry I have ignored you for too long.

 I have the most lovely kids in the world.
They always make me angry, but I just can't help myself to stop loving them.
They are like my happy pills in life.
I can't wait to teach them everyday, talking to them and all.
They just melt me, so easily.
I love my job so so much.
I have the best bunch of colleagues in life,
that I am always feeling thankful,
for not being alone to be posted in a new environment.
My new family, my brothers and sisters.
My best housemates in life.
They are like my sisters that accompanying me everyday, 
throughout all my ups and downs in my career.
Life is always great with lotsa good food.
Good reads.
And siblings get to gather again after 10 months.
Bff get to meet up after 9 months of separations.
All the gatherings are just way too precious and memorable.
Great to have the chance to bring students to join the statewide competition, Chinese carnival in my own hometown.
And even greatest to meet my beloved primary and secondary school teachers.
I will never be the same without them.
This year is just too lucky to have meet all of my kmpp friends again.
Met Si Yuan when I went for interview in Putrajaya,
Happy when I first movedto Jb,
Pow during the raya holidays and had a short trip with him and his girl,
and last but not least Nies.
I am always proud to maintain the friendship with them.
I am always proud to tell everybody that we are only one-month-friends back in matrics, neither same class nor same course, rarely contact during the uni time, yet our friendship have came to the sixth year and we still meet up!
Gosh that is too precious I can't describe.
They will always be somebody who are so so important to me.
Life is rich when you join some beneficial camp in your spare time either.

Ya, that is considered my summary for the missing months.
I really hope I could update more here.
Until I post again,