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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to Childhood at DIY Playground

August is the busiest month of the year for me, for all those the Semester 8 teacher trainees *Jan 2012 Intake*.
We got to finish our thesis, Viva presentation and 3 assignments one shot.
It was over now. Thankfully!!! 
*Cheers and Yells babe*
Finally I got one day off no need to think about the thesis and assignments.
So Jiahao brought us to try the laksa as he promised to Peh Yee.
I don't know what is the name of the shop but I know it is around BP Highschool.
To be honest I don't really think it was as superb as I thought it would be.
And surprisingly my girls had the same thought as me.
I love laksa with thick santan but this one doesn't have.

It was quite a cloudy day so we decided to visit DIY Playground which is a stone throw from the laksa stall.
It isn't really a new spot in Bp as I knew there were some seniors visiting here last year before they graduated but I don't have the chance to visit. I was happy.
Forgive us for the very casual attire and sorry for the blur photos.
It was a quick decision and I didn't bring my camera.
Jia Hao could finish walking the balancing wood. He has good balancing.
I phailed. :(
Huat Jun.
Giraffe climbing the tree!
She is pretty cool!!!
Swings suit me the most XD
There are a lot of swings in the playground. All made up by woods or tyres and ropes only.
And this was one of the cool one that you can crash to your friends'.
Flying Fox is always my love!
How could I miss out this wood flying fox?
I was really scare when I first tried. There is only a very small piece of wood supported your butt.
But it was safe as long as you grab the rope tightly.
I tried for thrice.
It was my most favourite game!
Wood slides.
Pretty cool too.
The very real expressions taken by me. XD
I really salute to the co-founder of this playground.
Have you notice everything is in woods? and some recycled items?
It was even better to have one book and one juice besides.
Wooden trishaw.
Wooden pirate boat which you have to pull the rope to make the whole thing swings.
Another very cool invention.!
This was like the spinning cup in the funfair.
I don't really like it. It made me dizzy. :(

BC 2 rocks!!!
It was an amazing day. 
It had been a long time we didn't have so much fun.
It had been a long time since we had a good laugh.
We were all stressed by the tons of homework. 
We were driven crazy by the sudden change of policy and course.
And we laughed and yelled and played crazily here.
It is a great place for your the kids and adults to relax your mind.
I truly love this place and I will definitely pay my second visit here!!
Had my coconut milkshake on the way back to college.
Still Klebang is the best. This one is less sweet and can't satisfy my sweet tooth.
If you curious about the exact place, have a look at this map.


Monday, August 24, 2015

We won!

It was VIVA day!
And we didn't get any rest afterwards.
Right after the Viva presentation, we girls rushed to the market to prepare some ingredients for the glutinous rice ball making competition due to the Cultural Week in our college.
Too bad the shops were closed. We get really sad for not able to buy the passion fruit tea.
But we came out with a marvelous idea at last, which saved us.
Back to the hostel and we immediately boiled water and cooked some red dates soup and steamed some pumpkin.
It was a really messy process and thankfully we were able to finish our preparation on time.
And we rushed to the venue where the competition taken place.
We ought to take out the red bean paste, aloe vera juice and pandan juice that we had prepared beforehand from the fridge in the cafe, but....
it was CLOSED that day!
The three of us were really really very disappointed.
I felt really bad and didn't really have the mood to continue taking part in the competition.
Our plan just messed up!!
What to do? 
We immediately thought for a Plan B.
Luckily there was one.
Thanks for the clever brains.
Glutinous rice ball in process.
Our four seasons healthy glutinous rice ball.
Spring green tea smiley face pumpkin ball.
*which supposed to have red bean paste but finally ended up with pumpkin paste*
Summer red dates longan ball.
Autumn passion fruit bear paw ball.
Winter cold soya bean mickey mouse ball.
*which supposed to be balls in aloe vera dessert that I brought all the way from home*

It seemed to have some little changes only, but the changes were so sudden and so huge for us.
Luckily we won.
We WON!!!
You don't know how meaningful is this prize for us.
You don't know how excited we were when the mc heralded we were the winner!
It was such a glorious proud moment!!!
I felt more more more happier than winning any prizes in calligraphy competition.
Because this was the result cooperation and friendship brought.

Thanks to my girls for supporting us!
Thanks for those who supported us and tried our product.
Getting the prize from our lovely lecturer Miss Tan.
The prize is small but the meaning is big!
*No kidding I shed tears*
Sem 8 BC 2 rocks!!!
We won the first place and another group from our class got the second.
With Dr Chan and Miss Tan. :)
Thanks to my partners.
I never think I could win but their determination kept me going, kept me believing that we would win and we must win and
we won.
It was a very exciting night!
It added another great memory to my days in IPTHO.



Once upon a time, we attended seniors' Viva.
I couldn't understand what they were presenting at all.
I felt really scare and hope that this moment won't come to me that fast.
But time flies and this moment that I scared the most came!
I have been started to feel afraid of this action research thing when I knew this is going to be my final year.
I feel really happy to be in final year 'coz I can graduate real soon, but at the same time I am really worrying about this action research.
I scared I might be scolded by the strict lecturer and I might cry and I scared I had to re-do the whole thing if I fail once. There are a lot of things that make me get real worry.
It comes.
No matter how scare you are. No matter how you try to refuse it.
And you just have to accept it, face it and overcome it.

is the day PISMP Sem 8 Opsyen BC Amb. Jan 2012 taking part in their VIVA.
I am the time keeper for BC1 students in the morning session.
I am the last one to present my action research that day, in the afternoon session.
That feeling Awwwww :(
Giraffe girl done her presentation in another room in the morning and she came to support us in the afternoon.

My mates.
Papa Zel came to support us too!!
Get ready. It was going to be my time!

Of course I did feel a little bit of nervous when I stepped on the stage. I didn't really know what I was talking about in the beginning. But I was perfectly alright after a while and I just presented what I had prepared beforehand. It was too scary after all.
But I get a bit confusing when the panel started asking me questions. I didn't really get what she was asking and so I kept answer wrongly Gosh. Really embarrassed and felt like digging a hole at that particular moment. Thanks Buddha I hit the correct answer at last.

With our supportive papa Zel.
The presenters and the panels Dr Koh and Miss Kan.
Yeah, it was over!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Koh is a very friendly lecturer. She hugged me!!
VIVA done!
One more step closer to graduation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Peh Yee's 23rd :D

August now and the biggest happening this month would be our princess Peh Yee's birthday.
Getting more and more looking forward my friends' birthday 'coz that would be the best excuse for us to take a rest and enjoy good food outside.
At the same time, feeling reluctant to celebrate friends' birthday too 'coz I know once it is over, it will never come over again. 
We really put in hard effort to create different surprises for different people.
It was precious and memorable.

We had a little SinChan cupcake for our princess the night before.
 Sin Chan cupcake.
 Sin Chan family and the birthday girl big fans of Sin Chan.
We entered her room one by one wearing the mask and did a little bit of the acting. It was super funny and made the birthday girl laughed like crazy.
The birthday girl has everything and we really didn't what we could gift to her.
At last we decided to handmade food voucher for her because her new hobby is Eating!
Since the vouchers aren't official one, so we gotta gave her money too.
We folded the money in heart shape.
It was a really fun night!

After whole day schooling, we went to the birthday celebration together.
Planned to dine in Kyoto kyoto but too bad it was closed that day.
So, we changed to HS Fusion Cafe.
There was a small incident happened on the way there.
Yee Xien's car was broken when we stopped by the road to ask the exact location of the cafe. I didn't know where I muster all my courage to ask for help. Thanks to the kind-hearted guy who was willing to help us to solve it.
And we arrived the cafe on time.

Birthday star and the cake.
 Again, the Kindori cake was out of stock. :(
So we bought her a Vanilla ice cream cake from Toast Bread.
Happy Birthday girl!
Wish you stay sweet with your prince and get marriage soon!! *We can't wait to see your future baby muahaha*
And also maintain your body in shape and be healthy! *Love*
 Blowing candles. Happy 23rd!!!
Family portrait.
As usual, a carbonara for me.
But somehow I would like to say this is the WORST carbonara I had ever tried.
The taste of cheese is strong which is good. But the whole plate of spaghetti is tasteless!
I felt really disappointed and sad for not having good food. :(
Yee Xien had her Cordon Bleu Chicken Chop which disappointed her too.
It was way too dry.
 The others ordered all sorta pizzas at a price not more than rm15 which is damn cheap!
Thanks for letting me to try the pizzas, which at least made my mouth my taste bud felt better.
 I had tried the Hawaiian pizza, Tuna pizza and Spicy meat pizza *is it? Not so sure.*
I think the best pizza went to Hawaiian pizza!!

Though the food was bad, it didn't affect my mood.
It was party time!!
My friends love this cafe and would like to pay a second visit here as we were given a big room.
We got our own space to take photo, make noise, chit-chat and laugh and the list went on.
 The most favoy girl in school.
Ena and I
 Our signature pose. :3
 Making faces with Yee Ching.
It was just for fun xD
Another signature pose with her.
 Happy happy birthday!
Let's grow old and get wilder together.

It was a night of kisses.
 Their first girl kisses.
Her first kiss.
I know girl-girl kissing is a norm but I just couldn't... couldn't... let anybody get close to me.
And I wanna keep my first kiss.
 Face kiss was the most I could give.
 That's why I said it was a fun night, fulled of kisses.
*Girlfriends' love was in the air*

And, we got this idea to take photo to show how we became a big gang.
Peh Yee's first friend in IPG is Yee Ching and the second is her roommate Yee Xien.
Yee Ching's roommate is Kexin and Yee Xien's best friend was Sin Pin.
Sin Pin's current best friend is Chanel and Chanel was my best friend in school.
Actually Ena joined our gang due to Yee Xien.
And lastly we rocks together.
Anyway the photo just roughly showed our connection.
I made a video of this. Not too bad but I think we should take more photo to achieve the effect we want.
That calls a day.