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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Warakuya Japanese Restaurant oishi oishi

My first weekend spent in JB.
Spent my Friday doing nothing at home, sleeping, watching drama, relaxing.
Was invited to be the judge for the calligraphy competition in a secondary school on Saturday.
Thanks so much to my friend and senior colleague for bringing me to a nice restaurant for lunch after that competition.
Finally I can spend some quality time on some good food after one week here.

 The cozy environment.
The Menu.
There are a wide varieties of food that make me confusing.
Every of it seemed super delicious and attractive and it made me hard to decide.
Roasted Green Tea served is very thick.
Senior colleague ordered Spicy Kimchi Ramen. *Don't really remember the exact name*
I tried a little bit coz my stomach wasn't in good mood that day.
The soup is spicy and nice, which will definitely be a favourite and must-order for spicy-lover.
And I ordered Kimchi Fried Pork Rice.
The price is kinda reasonable and it is very fulfilling.
Pudding served after meal.

All in all, the food here is beyond good for it's reasonable price.
The environment is very comfortable.
The serving is good too.
And they give you discount voucher when you hit some price.
I will definitely pay this restaurant a second visit!

2, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, 
Taman Sutera Utama, 
81300 Skudai,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Catchup session at Touchwood Cafe.

We, from one town, met six years ago, staying in one room, for four years and a half.
And we get closer. Never quarrel within these few years.
Chit-chatting and having girls talk. Assignments and examinations. Lunch and dinner. Happy and sad.
We were always together.
Even we were separated into two rooms afterwards, we still managed to keep our roommate-ship.
That's something I'm proud of.
It had been about 4 months since graduation, since we left Bp, since we last met.
We were always busy and finally today, we met again!

Han Yin and I.
Decided to give this newly-opened cafe a try.
We are addicted to this touch wood tradition. XD
Whenever we said something wrong, we would just touch the wood of our bed or desk.
That is the superstitious side of us. 
The ambiance is alright. 
Maybe because of the grand opening on the day before, it was quite crowded.
Hot Chocolate @ RM8.90
Smoked Salmon Egg Waffle @ RM20.90
I enjoyed this dish a lot. 
The smoked salmon is fresh and gives salty taste to the slightly sweet egg waffle. 
Perfect match tho.
 Teriyaki Chicken Wrap @ RM15.90
This is actually kinda normal and didn't surprise me.

All in all, the food is okay. 
Price is slightly high for some food.
 Ambiance is alright. 
Waiters are very polite.
You can try it but I can't guarantee for my second visit. No offence.
Before I forget, it is quite hard to find parking there. I walked quite far.

No. 38, Wisma MFA, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Jalan Bakri, 
84000 Muar, Johor.
(Behind UOB Bank at Pesta Area)

Feeling reluctant to say goodbye, so we chatted a while in the car and take more selfies.
Really talked a lot today.
About intern. About fitness. About life.
It is always an enjoyable thing to talk to my roommie because she can always keep my secret and I don't have to worry about what I said.
Nothing beat the happiness to talk to an old friends who understand you.
Can't wait to meet and chat again soon!
May we get our dream place and all the best in teaching!
p/s: Thanks to the belated birthday present.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I am in really bad mood recently.
I feel so lost.

We were told that we were going to be posted before school reopen at first. 

And our beloved minister gave us hope, saying that we can carry our bag and start teaching on 18th. 
But now there is rumor telling us it is impossible.
Let's see what might happen then?
I am still believing you, perhaps?

In between, minister told us that we could report ourselves for duty on 7th. 

Then another date given, 11th, to check our name. 
We had been waiting in front of the computer for one whole day, 
refresh and refresh and refresh the egraduan website, 
hopefully something popped out, 
no matter good or bad. 
for another time.

And today, he told us the list would come out today.
I guess you know what happened at last, huh.

Is it really that hard to arrange the name list?
Why are you keep postponing us?
If we graduate like the seniors, in November, I won't mind waiting. It is only January now what!
But we were forced to graduate much earlier that we supposed to be. September.
It wasn't really difficult to finish one action research, three assignments, four papers in two months, I guess.
It really wasn't tough.
It was an easy task.
You supposed.
Well, so what? We had done it.
But what we lost was the time we get together with our friends.
That was the precious thing, 
that we cared and we needed.
We thought we could be posted sooner than any batches of seniors.
We are wrong.
We had interview in December, even later than them?

We graduated earlier to replace the shortage.
But what I know is we didn't really help much.
First, most of we only taught 4 periods per week.
Second, most of us picked the school we prefer, which may not occur the shortage.
So does it really help?

If we really helped you, why don't you help us back?
We need the work and we need the paid.
We need that secure feeling.

If you couldn't make a decision or know the answer,
don't ever simply promise to someone.
You raised our hope,
and you ruined it yourself.
You made us happy, 
and you made us sadder today.
I should not blame you? You might have your own difficulties in dealing this?
I don't know.
What I know is I really want to be a real teacher soon.
I know I might have tonnes of work once I started,
I know I should enjoy this holidays fully,
but I don't care.
I really hope to work soon, to spend my time beneficially.
For the first time I hope my holidays end faster and time to work comes sooner!!
Pray hard.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

If I stay collection

Worth reading: ★★☆ (8/10)
Reason: Two books. Two points of view. Tragedy and Romance.

If I stay is the last book I read in 2015, whereas Where She Went is the first book I done in 2016.
I personally like If I Stay more than Where She Went.
I would give If I Stay a 9 out of 10 actually.
The story is about a girl, Mia, who had everything: a lovely family, an adoring boyfriend Adam and a bright future full of music and choices met an accident and lost almost everything that she owned.
The author tells the book in the point of view of Mia.
She becomes a 'soul' and she recalls how she met Adam for the first time and some family memories.
And also as a 'soul', she is able to sees those who visit her and listens to everything they are telling.
Although she is in the state of coma, she knows that her parents and little brother Teddy had killed in that accident.
Caught between a happy past and an unknowable future, she spends one critical day contemplating the only decision she has left, the most important decision she'll ever make: live or leave.


I don't like Adam initially because he didn't appear in front of Mia at the very first time. As Mia's soul keeps searching for him. I thought maybe this isn't a true love you know.
But I started to have a crush on him after he appears and he begs so hard to meet Mia even for one glance. He plans with Mia's best friend, Kim so that they could enter the ward secretly, without nurse's knowing and without trouble Mia's grandparents.
His courage and his love towards Mia turn him a Hero!
I hate the nurse and feel like scolding them when they stop Adam from meeting Mia!! LOL
That is the part which I really enjoy reading in this book.

After all, reading this book really made me kinda sad those few days.
'Cuz I feel Mia is too pity and she is in coma and I really hope she can wake up soon.
I love this book not only because of it touches me, but also I can imagine the scene that is happening.
I love books which can make me imagine, like I am watching the drama, characters acting in front of me.
That's why I love this book so much.
More than the sequel.

For Where She Went, the author tells the story using the point of view of Adam.
When I first reading the few pages of it and I realized the point of view is changing, I am kinda disappointed.
'Cuz I was still so into the atmosphere of the first book, can't wait to know how's Mia when she wakes up and you didn't tell me the answer immediately and yet, you changed the thing. I just feel everything was just wrong. So sad.
There are a lot of readers who like this book more than the first one and it gains higher rate. But it is not my cup of tea, sorry to say.

It's been three years since that devastating accident.
And also three years since Mia walked out of Adam's life forever.
They are both developing their music career: Mia is a rising star at Juilliard and Adam is a bona fide rock star, complete with tabloid headlines and a celebrity girlfriend.
Fate somehow, brings them together again.
Adam is having his recording session and interview in New York and he sees Mia. Well, her picture. Standing there with her cello. He decides to hear her play in the corner of the hall. Even he can't see her from the seat, just hearing her would be enough. Mia catches him and has him come backstage to say hello.
That is the first time they meet again, after three years. That awkward moment huh.
And the story of theirs develops.

I admit I didn't read this book with 100% attention coz I can't really get into it. Maybe because my poor language or because it just doesn't hit my expectation in the beginning Idk?
But it is not a bad book!!!
It is still very well-written and kinda romantic and touching under the theme of lasting love.

So, I guess that's all for this book review.
Still a good collection of books that I would recommend for you guys. 
The sentences are easy but touching. The stories are romantic too.
Yay, I love books!
And gonna push myself harder to read more this year!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Make up fun.

I refused to learn and to apply any make up last time.
I was feeling alright to bring my naked face even my friends make up gorgeously whenever we hanged out.
I just felt not necessary and troublesome.
I would even blame my friends for spending so much time to do make up before hanging out.
But before I was going to graduate from Uni, I finally learnt it from them.
I admit I want to make some change, to turn out prettier. 
Somehow the main reason is because I felt that was the right timing. 
I acted like a student when I was a student. And I felt it wasn't necessary for students to make up. *Narrow Mindset*
And since I am going to step into a real adulthood, working life, no more a kid but a teacher, I think that is the time I should at least learn some basic make up. Not for everyday outing, but at least I could do it when I attend some parties or during some occasions. As people said, make up is considered kind of manners?
Yup, that is why I learnt.
Thanks to my girls for being my guru and never mean to teach and always want me to turn pretty.
I always feeling grateful when I think of it. xoxo

I am going to introduce my very basic cosmetic collections in this post.
But before that, let me just show you some vain photos of mine, with and without make up.
This is how I draw on my face during normal hanging out session.
Just eyebrow and lip balm.
This is my naked face.
As you can see, I got no much eyebrow and my lip colour is kinda pale.
I did my first time doing my own make up and it was under gurus' guiding, telling me what to do.
The only selfie I took that night.
This was the second time I did my own make up. And this time, there wasn't anybody guiding me and helping me anymore. It was such a mess!

But anyway, my friends praised me 'coz I just pick up the make up skill real fast and I can do a full make up on my face *including apply the fake eyelashes and double eyelid on my face* without help already. And the outcome isn't too bad. I am sometimes proud of myself. Maybe my calligraphy and drawing skill help? lol
Those compliments boost up my confidence.

And now let me introduce what I own in my make up bag.
I think these are enough for a make up beginner.
First of all a hippo and a phone BB Cushion.
I picked BB Cushion because I read about a passage saying BB cushion can replace those primer, bb/cc cream, liquid foundation, concealer. BB Cushion has all-in-one function. I am not so sure about that but since I seldom make up, I just pick one to replace all and save some money up. XD
I am using Laneige Pore Control No. 13 True Beige.
I found this colour is a bit too bright for my skin when I first applied. But it blends well with my skin after a while. 
I picked this colour because that is the only colour on Hermo.
You're right, I bought from Hermo during sale at RM125+. A refill package came with it.  
I seldom use this. I wonder when could I finish this?
Second, Maybelline Big Eyes eye shadow.
I bought in Watson during sale. So not more than 40 bucks if not mistaken.
The colour is so nice and easy to match with whatever outfit. It suits beginners.
It is very easy to apply follow the guidance at the back of the box and a pair of BIG eyes is done. 
Seldom use this too.
Mascara is also one of the items that I seldom apply.
My friend bought it during buy one free one sale, so it isn't more than 20 bucks.
Also this also comes from Maybelline.
Etude house bling bling eye stick #1 Shooting Star.
I applied this when I went for dinner to make my eyes looked shining and stunning.
The colour is quite obvious and I really like the shining effect.
Also came from Etude House Play 101 Pencil #2
There are a wide variety of colour to pick and it can be use as eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and so on depends on the colour you choose.
I picked this red one to use as blush. It can be use as lipstick also but I never use it as a lipstick.
I just draw few stripes on my cheek and use my fingers to gently rub it off to create the blusher effect.

My lipstick collections!!
Laneige two tone lipstick from Althea. Bought during buy one free one promotion so it is only at about rm40. Super duper cheap! My friend yc loves the effect so much. It really looks great on her lips. But I feel so-so because I am not very pro at applying it.
What I usually apply on my lips is the Sugar Tint Balm from Etude House! It really moisture your lips and the reddish-orange/ orangey-red is really nice and super natural. Love this a lot! 
Last but not least. Something I can't live without. Eyebrow pencil!!!
I watched a lot of makeup tutorials from Youtube, the Youtubers draw their eyebrow using eyebrow pencil, powder and colour mascara but I am a newbie I only use eyebrow pencil.
I tried Etude House colour gray brown before and it was quite good.
And I found this baby It's Skin eyebrow pencil from Hermo one day. It is cheaper than Etude House so it is worth a try. I am using #02 Dark Brown. I really love it and repurchase twins pack #02 and #04 Gray Brown at only RM19.90!!
I found this is better than E.H. as the colour is more obvious and the brush is softer. I personally find that it can be used longer compared to the E.H. one. Had been 3-4 months and still a long stick of it.
Strongly recommend this if you are searching a cheap and good eyebrow pencil.

So these are my collections and sharing.
I am still very new to make up world so my opinions are just opinions. Ha!
 See you next post! Ciao!