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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Catchup session at Touchwood Cafe.

We, from one town, met six years ago, staying in one room, for four years and a half.
And we get closer. Never quarrel within these few years.
Chit-chatting and having girls talk. Assignments and examinations. Lunch and dinner. Happy and sad.
We were always together.
Even we were separated into two rooms afterwards, we still managed to keep our roommate-ship.
That's something I'm proud of.
It had been about 4 months since graduation, since we left Bp, since we last met.
We were always busy and finally today, we met again!

Han Yin and I.
Decided to give this newly-opened cafe a try.
We are addicted to this touch wood tradition. XD
Whenever we said something wrong, we would just touch the wood of our bed or desk.
That is the superstitious side of us. 
The ambiance is alright. 
Maybe because of the grand opening on the day before, it was quite crowded.
Hot Chocolate @ RM8.90
Smoked Salmon Egg Waffle @ RM20.90
I enjoyed this dish a lot. 
The smoked salmon is fresh and gives salty taste to the slightly sweet egg waffle. 
Perfect match tho.
 Teriyaki Chicken Wrap @ RM15.90
This is actually kinda normal and didn't surprise me.

All in all, the food is okay. 
Price is slightly high for some food.
 Ambiance is alright. 
Waiters are very polite.
You can try it but I can't guarantee for my second visit. No offence.
Before I forget, it is quite hard to find parking there. I walked quite far.

No. 38, Wisma MFA, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
Jalan Bakri, 
84000 Muar, Johor.
(Behind UOB Bank at Pesta Area)

Feeling reluctant to say goodbye, so we chatted a while in the car and take more selfies.
Really talked a lot today.
About intern. About fitness. About life.
It is always an enjoyable thing to talk to my roommie because she can always keep my secret and I don't have to worry about what I said.
Nothing beat the happiness to talk to an old friends who understand you.
Can't wait to meet and chat again soon!
May we get our dream place and all the best in teaching!
p/s: Thanks to the belated birthday present.

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