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Friday, May 29, 2015

Sem break getaways.

Fainted at home for one day. Slept as much as I could.
And the next day I was 100% recharged to have some hang out with friends.

Yi Hui aka mushroom junior was coming to Muar!
She is 3 years junior than me.
She is super famous in our ipg due to her cuteness and charming characteristic.
She get famous in our gang because my friends said she looks alike with me.
I guess this is because the same short hair, same black frame and the same height. >_<
All of these made her familiar to me though we didn't friend yet.
I get to know her after we attended the reading camp in Kuantan and we get along well.
She is a funny character.
Brought her to visit Tanjung Emas and tried my favourite mee rojak and the fish bee-hoon.
Muar is really a small tiny town and I felt really bad that no much place for her to walk around.
And lastly we went to sing Karaokae.
Me, mushroom, Yee Peh, giraffe and Jian Yi.
My friends first met Jian Yi and could get along well with him 'coz he is tooooo funny and sociable. XD
The girls.
With cutie pie. =P

That called a day.
Hope little mushroom enjoyed her day in Muar.

The next morning, I woke up kinda early again to have a short trip to Malacca with giraffe, bro and his friend.
My crave for the nyonya asam laksa and Cendol in Jonker 88 was finally fixed.
It tasted like heaven!!!
Giraffe and I hide in the boutique 'coz the day was too hot.
The sun mercilessly shone on us. Super headache.
Giraffe's OOTD.
She was wearing the denim suspenders given by me.
A fake candid.
My OOTD from midori.
While waiting for Giraffe in the fitting room.
My bro was kinda surprised and shocked by the ability of girls do their shopping.
I shopped for 3 hours and he had been waiting for us the whole afternoon Ha!
Alright, done the shopping and headed to my favorite Klebang coconut milkshake.
That calls a day.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello Mr Holiday!
I have been waiting for you since last year, ha!
Thanks Buddha that I had done with my examination. The second last one in college.
Not too bad I hope? 
At least I could complete it within the time given. And I didn't blank any.
That's pretty good already isn't it? 
Let's pray for the good result! *Pray Hard*

So this is my super nerdy look taken in between my revision.
I couldn't focus 100% for hours while doing my revision. I would surf insta for half an hour then memorize two sentences and continue surfing fb and another two points and taking selfie and the turns repeated.
Look at my oily forehead and serious dark circles in the photo. #nofilter :(
Serious insomniac at night is the reason. Can't help.
I hope I could have quality sleep today onward. *Yawn*

Holidays get started!
Flying off to Beijing in a week time. I can't wait!
My mind was filled with the excitement when thinking of the trip.
I wanna see The Great Wall and The Forbidden City. 
I wanna have Peking duck and special local foods.
I wanna shop for clothes I wanna buy books.
Wait —— —— 
*Slap my face*
I think the main point of the trip is to study and learn lah! 
No matter what I am just feeling happy to visit a new place.

But before that, 
I hope I could complete reading 1 English novel or 2 Chinese novels before 30th.
Let's enjoy it before thesis and intern.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

One-day-eating-trip to Kluang. :)

We were having an one-day-holiday yesterday. It is not an official holiday but our personal day off because we had almost completed all the credit hours for this semester. 
Thus, we decided to have an one day trip to Bp neighbour state, Kluang.
This wasn't my first time to Kluang. I had came to Kluang for several time when I was in primary school, but it wasn't for visiting purpose but is to participate competitions. 
So, perhaps this one day trip with friends can be considered as my first time 'visiting' this city?
We departed from Bp at about 10.30am and reached Kluang by noon.
We had our lunch at Ritch cafe.
It looked really classic and high class. The atmosphere is good with soft English songs played.
And it is a very quite surrounding.
For the first time, we girls not dare to make noise and laugh loudly in a cafe. We didn't even dare to walk around to take photos. We were like obedient and gentle ladies.
*We used to mess up one cafe. XD*

 The queen of the day Miss Yee Xien.
We were having this trip due to her advanced birthday celebration!! *Faster thank us*
 Well, she looked really pretty THAT DAY.
*I mean on that day only*
 Yee Xien and her new love Ena.
Ker Sing's Cheese Ham Chicken Chop.
 Ivan's Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop.
Yee Ching and Ena were having Spicy Tuna Pasta.
 Yee Xien, Chanel and I had our Vege Pasta.
It is in super super super large portion we could die.
The pasta got very strong vege aroma that a vege lover adore.
The cream sauce is good. But I prefer it to be thicker. The portion is too big until we were really tired of the taste. So we kept asking for spicy tuna pasta from Ena. lol

 Giraffe and Hippo.
 Husband and her wives. LOL XD
 My pretty girlfriends.
Happy Birthday to our Taurus babies Yee Xien and Ivan. :)

Finally we had filled our stomach and some crazy photo shooting outside the cafe.

Like a star.

Model Yee Xien.

Heading to Kluang Mall and we heard car park is a good place for photo shooting. XD
 Model Yee Ching,

Last stop of the day trip. Last but not least.
We went to a popular cafe in Kluang.
It didn't disappoint me. The cakes there are really really good!
 Outside view.
The shop is extremely small. About 5 tables inside?
There were too many of us and there had no more seat inside the shop. So we gotta sit outside.
 The Menu.
This was the first time I get to try so many different flavored cheese cake.
All of the flavours are so special and I could hardly find in the market.
Green Tea cc, Sweet Potato cc, Apple cc, Mango cc, Normal cc, Rosebud wine cc and Yam cc.
There are more more more.
Highly recommend this cafe for those who are going to visit Kluang!!!
My rosebud wine cheese cake.
 Happy Birthday to our 智囊 brother Ivan.
And our princess Giraffe.
 With Yam cc.
I like yam cc too! I love everything with yam.
Ena and her green tea.
The taste of green tea cc is light but it tasted a bit bitter at the end. 
Peh Yee is not a cheese lover and so the shop owner recommended her the Apple cc.
She kept complaining she was cheated because the taste of cheese is still strong.
 But I feel oklah. The taste of the cake is a bit sweet sour and the apple adds the refreshing taste to the cake. Most of us liked it.
Ker Sing and her original taste cc.
We all felt it is more to lemon actually.
 Chanel and her Mango cc.
The texture of the mango cc is quite different from ours. It is softer and tasted like pudding.
Yee Xien said it would be even nicer if it is colder.
Yee Ching and her Sweet Potato cc.
My favoy of all coz I just simply in love with sweet potato.
The smell of sweet potato is strong!
My Rosebud Wine. *Wink*
The texture is soft and fulled of the aroma of rosebud and wine. I couldn't really feel the rosebud coz I'm not familiar with the smell but my friends said it is pretty strong. I feel the wine. haha
I scared the different flavors of cake might tasted kinda weird or artificial in the beginning but they are all very natural and nice.
I miss the cakesssss now!!!
That was how our eating trip in Kluang ended.

We went to a local shop to buy the famous mice-shaped mooncake and the shop was closed.
We went to a shop to try the Nyonya kuih and the shop was closed either.
What we get to conclude is Wednesday is a common holidays for most of the shop in Kluang!
If you're planning to have an eating trip in Kluang, don't ever pick a Wednesday.

Happy birthday once again to my friends Ivan and Giraffe.
Both of you guys are funny characters and always crack silly jokes for us and brighten up our boring life.
Wish you guys all the best in life, stay healthy and cheerful and I think the most important thing is to wish you guys stay sweet forever with your partner.
Couldn't wait for you guys to get marriage because I would really love to attend.
Please pick me to become one of your jimuis Giraffe!!! I promise I will make up that day. XD
It is always my pleasure to have known you guys in my life.
May our friendship stay forever!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

To all the boys I've loved before.

Worth reading: ★★ (8.5/10)
Reason: Very very smooth story. Sweetest characters ever.

Second English novel in 2015.
As you know, I had just done with my third practicum. Practicum period makes one damn busy and nearly drive me insane.
Don't even mention quality reading time, I could hardly even own some quality rest and relax. I spent every moment I got to rush my lesson plan from the first day to the very last day. 
So, thankfully those days are gone. And finally some precious reading time for me before examination comes!
I had hunted so many new good books using my bb1m in the March holidays.
I browsed through BookTubers' video, Goodreads and instagram to find good books and I only bought those books that have the most positive reputation. 
This is one of my new books.
And it is really GOOD!

I didn't plan to finish this book when I first read it. I just thought of maybe browsing through several pages since exam is coming and I am quite a slow reader. How possible for me to complete it before I start doing my revision? 
But I get really bored these 2 days I am back in hostel. Nothing to do and I got only this one book with me and nobody to talk to. 
So, what to do?
I read and read and read.
And proud to tell that I completed reading this books in not more than 3 days!!!
Big success as I have improved my reading speed and also trained my focusing.

First of all, I would like to say that I LOVE the book cover!
It is so pretty!! It is so sweet!
Don't you think so?
I think this is one of the prettiest book cover that I have owned.
Though we always said 'Don't judge a book by it's cover', I would say that pretty book cover and nice smell *weirdo like me likes to smell books* of a book boost up your interest in reading a book. 
At least for me, it works! haha 

This book is about a teenage girl named Lara Jean and some of the guys she have loved before.
Lara Jean Song Covey is a 16 years old half-Korean girl. 
Her mom was a Korean but she died when Lara Jean was 10? 
She has two sisters, Margot and Katherine. They always shared the same thing. Her mom gave her a hatbox and this is the only gift that was just for her and didn't have to share with the sisters. 
Her mom told her once that she could put all her most precious, most favorite, most secret things inside the hatbox. 

Lara Jean keeps all her love letters in a hatbox. She wrote love letters but they are all for herself. She pours all her love and feelings that she would never tell in the real life into the letters. 
She sealed it and kept them nicely inside the hatbox.
But one day, her secret letters are mailed and her life starts to go out of control and crazy.
One of the guys she loved is her sister Margot's boyfriend, Josh. 
I don't know I should consider Josh is an ex or what coz Margot broke up with him before further her studies in Scotland.
Lara Jean found really awkward when Josh came to her and asked her about the love letter he had received and read.
To avoid him, she pretends to be in a relationship with another guy who she loved before. His name is Peter.
Peter agrees too 'coz he just broke up with his girl Gen and he wanna uses Lara Jean to annoy his ex.
A lot of funny happenings among them which make this novel so funny to read.
I can feel the love between them.
The love that slowly blossoms during the fake relationship and throughout all the acting.
Peter sends short notes to her in class.
Lara Jean made sandwiches to him.
Peter feels jealous when he sees Lara Jean being too close with Josh. 
Meanwhile, Lara Jean feels annoying when she sees Peter keeps in touch with his ex Gen.
That is pretty sweet isn't it??? Awwwwww......
Peter proposes to Lara Jean at last. And they're together!!
I really get excited and feels kinda sweet when I read that part. 
But there is some misunderstanding at the very last part of the novel and Lara Jean writes another letter.
'Dear Peter......'.

I want them to be together!
I want to know the development of their love story!
I can't wait for the sequel and it is going to release on 26th May *if im not mistaken* but I don't think I could get it in Malaysia so soon? I will definitely rush to Popular to hunt it down immediately!!
This might not be a novel with very thrilling storyline, but it is very smooth.
It is such a good read for me to pass time. 
It definitely is since it is not very heavy. 
It is sweet and lovely.
I can't stop reading because I really want to know what would happened between Lara Jean and Peter at last, somemore I am really curious about who is the one who stole Lara Jean's secret letter and mailed them.
I felt weird actually because there isn't even one word mentioned in the book that Lara Jean tries to find out who is the one who steals her hatbox and sends all the love letters to the guys.
I was thinking why Lara Jean never try to find out? Doesn't she feel curious about it? She just accepts the fact that her hatbox got missing and the letters were sent out.
It is kinda weird and does not seemed very logical?
Thankfully at the end of the novel I knew who is the one! Curiosity fixed. XD
But what about the first question...? The love line of Lara Jean and Peter? 
I gotta wait!!! :(
Alright, at least I know they love each other. 
I wait I wait.
PS I Still Love You, please come to be soon!!!!!!!!!

I really wish the torturous exam will be soon over because I am flying off to Beijing yay!
I can't wait to see The Great Wall and the Forbidden City in real.
I can't wait to visit primary school and secondary school in China and see how the teachers teaching. I watched the video of them teaching in kinda weird accent and style so I really want to see it in real! I scare I might be laughing? hahahaha
I hope I could learn a lot of new teaching techniques and please give me some time to shop in the book store in Beijing 'coz I heard it is really good and provide a wide variety of books.
OMG I can't wait I can't wait.
Exam please go away soon soon soon.

Sorry that I'm out of the topic.
I just back from Kluang and I'm really exhausted now.
Perhaps I should sleep now I gotta drive back Muar tomorrow.
Lastly, hope you guys could enjoy reading *Read This Book* coz reading is kinda relaxing.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Samp's finally!

So, it reaches the last day of my third practicum.
And finally lao shi and I are going to realize our plan, which is having a good dining session at Samp's.
Samp's is quite a new cafe for me.
I know about it's good reputation but I have never been there.
Planned to have lunch with Min babe at Samp's last time but too bad it was having off when we reached. Quite disappointed though.
Yay, finally I am here today for dinner. *On cloud nine applause and cheers and yell*
mua mua muacks...
 The Menu.
I love the design.
 Pudding Milk Shake
I can't resist any milk tea. Milk tea is simply l.o.v.e. :)

Sharing is caring.
lao shi and I shared all the food. We can try more food then. Whee! ;P
 Main course: Japan Curry Chicken Cheese Baked Rice.
OMGawd this is f*cking heavenly delicious!!!
The rice is wrapped by the very thick cheese and very thick curry. It is very smooth when you savour it. And the chicken is very soft. I can't tell how good it is. It is the Best Japanese Curry I've ever tried! *Mouth watering when I am typing this*
 Side dishes: Croissant with Baked Salmon.
I loved the croissant bread with thick mayonnaise. Slightly crispy skin outside and very soft bread inside. 
 Green Tea Ice-cream Red Bean Crepe
*We are supposed to order the waffle but ticked wrongly lol*
The fragrance of the green tea ice-cream differs from the one I have tried in Sushi King. The aroma is very strong! Very matcha-ish I can say and we both like it very much. It melts too fast don't know why. The red bean is a little bit too much and kinda sweet. I think it will be a perfect match with the waffle. The crepe is very thin so it makes the matching kind of sweeeeet.
lao shi and me :)
I looked super ugly in this photo.
My lao shi looked super young right? She is the mother of three! Her kids are so so so CUTE and sweet. Feel great to meet her again in my primary school. She taught me Moral *if not mistaken* when I was in primary school and I like her very much coz she is very pretty and gentle. Haha! I keep the letters she replied when I was small. Thanks for treating me this pricey meal and also uncountable breakfastsss in school, turning me back to a chubby girl. And thank you so much for taking good care of me throughout this 3 months. Keep in touch lao shi ^^

All the food here are very delicious. The atmosphere here is comfortable and relaxing. Slightly dim light with good music around. Service is good. Waiters are friendly.
The only not-so-good point is the price of the food here is slightly high. 
But the food here actually very full-filling and worth the price.
Oh ya GST included in all food price.
If you are wondering about the location, erm.. it is along Jalan Abdullah (二马路), opposite City Star bookstore and Maybank.
Love this cafe and will definitely pay my second visit here.

ps: I loved all the photo I took except the selca.