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Friday, February 26, 2016

My kids.

It has been about one month I'm working here,
teaching this bunch of lovely kids.
Life has never been easy.
Each day, I am facing different circumstances and thinking of the suitable solutions.

I am still very new to teaching world.
The experience during practicum didn't really help much.
'Cuz it is totally different only teaching Chinese and being a class teacher who teaches Chinese.
Sometimes, I felt bad about myself.
I felt sorry for my kids.
I didn't really have enough time to prepare a perfect lesson for them.
I spent most of the time on discussing exercises and spoon-feeding them.
I have no time to actually get to know them, know their background and so on.
I would use some recess time to advice them and counsel them.
And I felt amazing when I saw their behavior get better the next lesson.
But the problem is I don't know how long would the effect stay?

I hope I could have better time management,
not to only teach them,
but also educate them.
That's not easy but that's what I am trying to do now.
I scare I might rotten their discipline recently.
I felt disappointed on myself when I found my scolding and yelling getting more,
and the noise getting louder.
I felt sad when I saw the amount of books that submit to me getting lesser,
and the cross I marked getting more.
I wondered which step I had gone wrong.
I just don't feel like spoon-feeding them 100% before they hand up their exercises to me.
But perhaps my guidance wasn't enough for them to get their work done.
I am still trying different style of teaching.
I am still finding my way.
 To be their best class teacher,
their mom 
and their most reliable person in school.

I really love my class and my kids.
I hope I could change them a better person.
And I'm trying hard.
*Too short, it is hard to find me.*
Photo on Chap-Goh-Meh, the last day of CNY.
We were having a small party in class.
The time was short, the session was quite messy, but it was fun. 
We ate biscuits and we sang CNY songs together.

That's little something that I would like to record down here.
I felt really sweeeeeeeet when my kids called me 'god-mom'.
That's just a joke but I really appreciate them calling me like that. That made our teacher-students relation getting closer.
I felt really touched when they remembered I mentioned that I love fried crab stick and they gave it to me, keep asking me to have one.


I don't really know what's the point I'm typing this? 
Just some feelings.
Just feel like typing.
I hope there are more sweet things among us happen in my life.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Thorburn Reunited Dinner 2016

Hey 'yo world!
So this is my second post about my school life I guess.
Life is as busy as usual. But I am glad that I am getting used to it well.
I like my students and school.
Though before coming back here after the one week CNY holidays, I did cry a bit, but now I am okay already. For those who concern.
And forgive me for being a mama girl.

So today, there is a Reunited Dinner for our school teachers in New York Hotel, JB.
I really like dinner like this. Not because I am a food lover, but I really appreciate the chance like this to gather everybody.
It is hard to meet every teacher in school especially when you are in a school which is separated into morning and afternoon session. And everybody is busy for their own business in school. It is hard to see people crapping and laughing like nobody's business in school.
So I really appreciate a night like this.
And not to forget this is a perfect timing for makeup and dress up nicely. 
And also another interesting event to be recorded down here.
The setting in the dining hall.
It made me think of my Malam Titian Kasih. :(
Our Table 1.
The Lou Sang.
Here you go!!!
Heng Ong Huat and the mess.
My new friends and the very yeng headmaster Mr Ku.
He is such a funny character. He is such a nice headmaster that always encourages us.
I feel really glad to work under his lead.
It lessens so much of my stress and insecure feeling in a new environment, new city.
Meet my pretty and friendly housemates!
Vivian and Clare.
Vivian and I come from the same ipg but we never really talk back to that time. 
I thought she is a very quiet girl but she is very talkative too.
Clare is a Sarawakian who graduated from IPG Ipoh.
Both of them are very friendly and polite person. And we usually crap and complain about our students when we are having dinner everyday.
Life is less bored with stories and laughter.
And here are my handsome and funny new friends + colleagues. 
Christopher, Ah Bao and Joseph. All Sarawakians!!!
Chris is super damn funny OMG!! All of us think he looks cool and might be quite arrogant, hard to mix that type of guy, but he is on the opposite site! His image had spoilt after so many funny stories and exaggerate expressions.
Ah Bao is also another Iptho-ian who I never talk to when we were in ipg. Never know he is that talkative!!
Joseph is working in the afternoon session with us. So we slowly explore his funny and talkative side. 
And the lesson that my 5 new friends taught me is 'never judge a book by it's cover'. 

Get angpao from Penyelia Petang. =)

All of us get the angpao from the lucky draw yay!!
Pretty Ju Keng senior that I had known for few years.
It is really a lucky thing to be in the same school with her because she tried her best to find houses for me and taught me a lot of things. And she brought me for hor liao.
Pretty senior from Iptho!!
She keeps asking me stop calling her senior but I just couldn't stop it. 
'Coz this is what they trained us 6 years ago. XD
Feeling thankful to get posting in a new school new family warm like this.
I will try my best to learn and contribute here.
Happy Chinese New Year again before cny is over!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

From a trainee to a real teacher.

Hello readers. I am back!
I planned to update my blog everyday but too bad there is no wifi/unifi fixed at my new rent house in JB and damn my broadband not allowed me to do it. Damn!
Oops, maybe you haven't update me in a while and get confused by what I mentioned above huh?
Let's me get you updated now!

Erm, how I turned into a real teacher...
I graduated from IPTHO last year September and I went through my SPP interview last year December 7, and I passed my interview!
I posted to my origin state Johor on 15 Jan *if not mistaken* and I was praying hard, hopefully that I would get posting in one of the school in my lovely hometown Muar.
But luck was not at my side.
The result came out on 19 Jan.
And when I saw 'Johor Bahru' appearing on my laptop screen, I started to weep and then wail.
I was quite well-prepared I might not get posting in my hometown but when the real result came out, I just lost control. I couldn't really accept it.
It wasn't too bad to be posted to Jb compared to some ulu-ulu places. I should feel lucky.
But the moments when I think of I have to leave my family again for don't know how many years, I just couldn't control my tears.
I cried for one whole day, uncontrollably, and my eyes get swollen.
I really felt bad for not able to be with them all the time, taking care and making jokes for them.

Anyhow, on 21st Jan, I still went to report on duty at the PPD JB. 
I consider myself as an experienced driver but that was the first time I drove to JB.
Of course, I felt scared and worried but I need to be calm and steady so that it could lessen worries from family.
I went to my school and met headmaster and new colleagues for the first time.
Although I still felt really sad thinking of leaving home, there was some new expectation to start my new life in a new city, too.
I like my school, those facilities, new environment and new friends.

On 23rd Jan, I moved to Jb.
Jb isn't a strange city for me. I always went there for calligraphy exhibitions throughout these few years.
I moved in a new house with new friends.
I really like the house. It is spacious, clean and safe.
It is also very near to Tesco, Jusco and also the school. All within a 10 minutes drive.

25th Jan was the first day I worked.
That was a Dream-Comes-True for me!!!
But I don't really felt excited that day. All I could only felt was tired, blur and stress.
There were a lot of works for me on the first day.
To recognize the school, the teachers, the students and to get used to the timetable at once, wasn't easy.
I skipped my lunch for the first time ever in life because I spent all the time to submit documents and prepare myself for classes. There wasn't even a minute for me to breath, so don't ever mention lunch. With a hungry stomach, I taught classes and classes.
Thankfully those classes that I get are quite good and disciplined classes.

I am now class teacher for 3D. I teach Chinese and Moral.
I am also teaching 3B Malay and 1G Mathematics.
Teaching Malay is quite a challenge for me because I wasn't trained for Malay. I can understand Malay and also write in Malay well, but I just couldn't speak real fluently. I don't know how to teach. And after these two weeks, I tried my best to explain those long long text for them and asking them the meaning of words repeatedly. I didn't know whether my method was correct, but what I can do is just try my best!
Mathematics isn't a big problem for me. But teaching Year 1 isn't as easy as you think. The kids are so small and messy, some of them couldn't really understand what you are talking about. Hahaha
Compared to all, of course I love my own class the most. 
I am still on my hard way to recognize every each of them and understand them. I hope I could turn them a better person, not only academically, but also their attitude and discipline and also their interest about Chinese subject.

At this present stage, I am still learning to suit myself in rushing syllabus and heading a healthy, well-managed, contented lifestyle.
I will try my best to do more and more, so that my students have chances to learn more and more, not only from text book and exercise books.
I am still a newbie.
I have passion in teaching.
I hope I could improve myself and keep my passion.
I should not forget the reason I want to be a teacher, since small.

So, that's all about my first two weeks in my new school.
I hope I could update more often here.