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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Before I Go To Sleep

I started reading English novels since secondary school
because I always want to improve my English.
Not a fast reader, but I used to read.
More often than now I would say.
Since I started working and taking my master, I'm no longer reading novels.
Too busy and also too lazy for it. = (

I am really happy that I'm back on track this holidays.
I read.
An old novel that I bought several years ago, using my book vouchers.

I bought this book because the synopsis behind is kinda attractive.
And it is rated 4/5 in Goodreads.
Ya, I did check on Goodreads rating before I decided to buy a book. lol
Worth reading: ★★☆ (9/10)
Reason: Big twist at last. Thrilling, unexpected. Story flows smooth.

So this book is about a middle-aged, married lady, Christine who would lose her memories every single time she woke up from sleep. She would forget her identity, her past, her love one.
This book is separated into three main parts.
The first part is about a new day that Christine woke up from bed and realised that she was in bed with a stranger who claimed to be her husband, Ben.
She was shocked that she had get marriage and found that she had turned much older.
She was surprised seeing her wrinkled skin.
Her doctor, Dr. Nash called her.
Only then she realised that she actually seeking help from a doctor and this was all without her husband's knowing.
Dr. Nash returned her the journal.
She read and discovered more and more about herself.

The second part of the novel is in journal (diaries) form.
Every journal bits and bits uncovered all the truth that Christine had forgotten.
She jotted down every happenings on each day before she went to bed
and Dr Nash would call her everyday to remind her about the journal book so that she would read it and recall back everything that she had forgotten.
She would like to know more about her wedding and her past.
Ben told her all the photos and details had lost in a fire.
Ben cheated her that they did not have any children.
Somehow, she discovered that they actually had a child, Adam.
Ben told her he was dead in the war in Afghanistan.
She was also told that she suffered in amnesia due to a car accident.
But she remembered the scene that she was attacked in a hotel room.
She slowly remembered her best friend, Claire.
But Ben told her Claire had moved to New Zealand.
She found out Claire never leave London through the help of Dr. Nash.
Claire told her that she was seeing Ben after her accident.
Claire told her Ben had already divorced with her.

I was so curious when I read all these journals.
At first, I wondered if Ben accidentally knocked Christine down in the car accident.
That's why he refused all the medical treatment offered by doctors.
He felt scared that she may recover from amnesia and would not forgive him.
Then, I doubted the reason Ben divorced with Christine.
Perhaps he was really having affair with Claire and had a new family outside.
That's why he told Christine that she had lost contact with Claire long ago.
He was afraid that Christine found out the shameful yet cruel truth.
And at last, I was quite touched by the reason Ben only told Christine half of the story.
I remembered the letter written by Ben explaining the reason they were divorced.
It was because he loved her too much. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted Adam to be happy.
I nearly shed tears reading that letter I tell you!
I thought maybe it was because he loved her too much and hoped that she just forgot the unhappy past and led a simply happy life afterwards.
At that moment, I have no doubt about Ben anymore. I trusted him.
For all the things he had done and the reason he gave.

But there is part 3 in the novel.
This part 3 is such a biiiiiggggggg twist I would say!!!!!
I could hardly stop myself from continue reading it.
The story line just get me so nervous
especially when the truths uncovered one by one.

Claire told Christine that Adam is not dead.
He is still alive.
Huh? Why Ben cursed his own son?
And there wasn't any fire that ruined all the photos.
Why Ben such a big liar?

I went cold. Really.
Too scary.
And finally I was told that...
Ben is not Ben!
Holy. Can you believe it?
Ben is not Ben.
He is Mike!
He is the guy who attacked Christine and turned her into amnesia.
No way. OMG
She is staying with the person who was trying to kill her years ago.
My goose bumps. Shit.
This is too drama, too drama.
And yes, she met with her real husband Ben at last.
She remembered him!!! (Happy ending)

I just cant stop reading.
And when I finished reading, I realized it was already 1.50AM. WTH.
I could not believe I was so into it.
You might not know what I was typing throughout this post,
it is too complicated for me to type the whole things out,
to make it clear here using my broken English.
But what I'm trying to tell is that,,,
it is such a good read!!!!!!!
The way the story flows is superb!

On the way reading this book, 
I kept thinking that what if there was one day, when I woke up,
I had lost my memories.
It would be really pathetic.

But after finished the whole book,
what I can conclude is that,
there is love which allows people to let go of the lovers,
let go of somebody who is not belonged to you,
only want that person to be happy.
Ben is the one who tried to let go of Christine because he wanted her to be happy and free.

There is another type of love,
a selfish love, 
which one must get the person he loves to be with him together,
without care about the feelings of the other,
like what happened to Mike.

All in all,
this book is really a good read that I would highly recommend.
I hope I could read more before my holidays come to the end.

With love,

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Witnessing jiejie's big day.

Long time no see, bloggie.
Very sad to have ignored you for ages.
This gonna be a looooong posts with photos and loves.

Alright, lets kick it started.
This is a really last-minute-decision to fly over to Australia and attend my cousin-sister's wedding.
All thanks to the Deepavali holidays.

I only have one cousin-brother and one cousin-sister.
But to be frank we aren't really really close because we weren't growing up together under the same roof. And there are age-gap, language-gap and also distance-gap among us. 
Though we seldom meet, not even once a year, and rarely talk or contact to each other, 
we are still a family.
I look up at them and love them from the core of my heart.
They can speak fluent English, they make money and they lead successful independent life.
I always want to be like them. That's why I study and work hard now.
I'm super super happy when my cousin-sister invited me and welcomed me to her wedding.
Although the coward me dare not speak too much and always choose to stay quiet aside even when I met them, I still always looking forward to have more opportunity to get along with them and make our relationship closer. 
So, I decided to fly.

This was actually my first time to take a plane alone, without any guidance and accompany.
I tried once when I joined the study tour to Beijing, flying alone. But somehow, that was still under a tour and there were group members flying together.
But this time no.
I gotta fly alone, all on my own.
This might be quite saddening because I only get this chance, fly on my own at the age of 25. Such a failure right? As many of my friends and also my brother flew alone to study abroad at a younger age.
Alright I flew to Melbourne.
And I rejected my cousins' offer to pick me up at the airport.
I chose to take bus and train to the train station which is a stone throw from their house.
I didn't want to bring trouble to them as Mel airport is really far from their house.
And second, I took it as a challenge.
So I get the SkyBus at the Mel airport.
And hopped onto a train from the Southern Cross Station to Syndal train station which is near to where the cousins stay.
It is a 15 stops journey and took about 40 minutes.
Mission completed.
I successfully reached Syndal station.
I felt so proud of myself for able to travel all by my own.
I felt like a real adult now.

Cousin brother picked me up at the train station.
Reach home.
I was really really tired because I didn't get much sleep throughout the flight. 
My eyes were so painful and swollen.
Thanks to that, I didn't get insomniac that night.

Woke up early the next morning.
I did my own make up!!
But left my hair to the hairdresser who hired by my cousin sis-in-law.
Hair done. A nice one.

I got pretty good mood, so I took some photos outside the house.
I took photos by my own, using the coffee cup by my cousin brother and my iPhone. XD
Image may contain: 1 person, drink, coffee cup and outdoor
It felt really good to soak in the sun.
It was 14 degree celsius that morning. The sun did a good job!

Back to the home and took photo with the bride-to-be.
Jiejie looked so pretty and gorgeous, as always.
With 3rd aunt.
With 3rd aunt and aunty Siew Eng (sis's mom).
Some polaroids.

And the photographer and videographer came.
*I can't wait for the photos taken and the video edited!!!*
Beautiful in white.
We shed tears the moment jiejie wore the wedding gown.
We felt sentimental, not only because jiejie was getting marriage, but mostly because my uncle wasn't with us anymore. 
I know everybody wished he was there at this important moment, the moment the girl he loved the most getting marriage. My eyes get wet even when I'm typing this now.

And then, we moved to Glasshaus Outside to witness the wedding ceremony.
It was my first time to attend a wedding ceremony in a flower nursery. It was pretty cool!
The ceremony was totally different from what we often see here, the Chinese traditional one.
It was much simpler, but still very warm and meaningful.
Jiejie was so stunningly gorgeous!

Wefie with my cousin-nephews.
They are so much bigger now!
We were wrapping in light blue and black without any earlier plan. Cool.
My nephews are all so so cute I cannot.
Moved to Glasshaus Inside for the wedding dinner.
Outfit of the day.
Finally I found the best description for my aunt after taking this photo.
上海滩!(The night of Shanghai)
Don't you think so? 
I couldn't stop laughing at her. XD

The guest lists.
The cards and gifts box.
I gave jiejie a YSL lipstick. 
I was glad that she said she loved it and she used it on her big day!
The wedding cake.
It was a red-velvet cake.
I thought it was a fake deco. Ha!
Champagne served.
Get myself seated.
The Entree.
8 hour pork belly with Pedro Ximenez reduction, cracking shards and baby carrots.
The Main.
Jiejie knew we didn't take beef, so she get us the Milawa chicken breast with white polenta, kale, vine tomato and native thyme jus.
The Dessert.
Tiramisu tartlet with cocoa pastry, marcarpone and coffee filling.
There is a sense of bitterness in the middle of sweetness and became my favourite of all.
The wedding red velvet cake.
The cake was soft and nice!

In the middle of the dinner, of course we did take pictures.
They said we looked a like from the side.
Do we?
I used to think jiejie is always much much more prettier with her brilliant sweet smile and dimples.

There were family and friends giving speech.
I shed tears everytime the name of uncle mentioned. I was sorry but who could control?
I believed he was beside us, witnessing every happenings too.
Jiejie gave speech and thanked to us who traveled far from Malaysia.
Needless to have all the thank you speech, we are family and jiejie is my one and only jiejie in this world.
She had a dance with her husband too. Applause!
And it turned into a dance floor. Great music was played and everybody danced in the dance floor.
I was asked by the bridesmaid too.
I was having awkward steps, but I did enjoy the moment.
I must have muster all my courage to join the dance huh. Thanks to the wine.
Never know the cousin sis-in-law can be so good in dancing!
The night was still young.
With the bride and bridegroom.
It called the beautiful day.

The next day.

Naked face and breakfast.
I felt like Cinderella after all. Erm...
Well, I really really love the cold weather and the warm sun to get together.
It made one feel so comfortable and relaxing.

Married daughter came back with a simple yet meaningful tea ceremony.
Didn't get much photo 'coz I was helping beside.
'Jie-fu, jiejie, he cha.'
And happy girl get an angpau. Yeepee =D

And we got a Malaysian's style garden buffet after the ceremony.
Satay, curry chicken, ketupat are the greatest food in Malaysia.
Always proud to be a Malaysian.
We don't only eat Chinese food, Malaysian food is my all time favourite too.
Some angmoh style food.
All sorta cheese and hams that I found no difference. lol
Malaysian kuih-muih is love!!!
And the fruits and cupcakes.
No doubt, that wasn't a basket of beautiful flowers, but pretty cupcakes!
I am not a cream lover and I always throw cream away, but this cupcake made an exception.
The cream was just so fresh so nice I had them all into my stomach.
Who cares the fat?
Cheers to the happy marriage, the sunny day and the good food.
Will never call the 'champagne' sold in the supermarket in Malaysia a 'champagne' anymore after this sip.
Who don't love Malaysia delicacies?

Who eat under the sun in Malaysia?
Who eat in the garden in Malaysia?
Angmoh style is cool!
Met the pretty bridesmaid, jiejie's highschool mate, Amber.
I was shocked that she purposely flew from the States to attend the wedding.
Cheers to the friendship!
Jiejie in Cheongsam.

Happy marriage to jiejie!
May the new phase of life bring you happiness and much more love.