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Monday, June 29, 2015

BC2 5th anniversary gathering.

A very important and meaningful date for all of us.
A day to remember, lifelong.

28.6.2010 was the date when all of us first met.
We were so young, we believed that this is the most secure career for us.
We were so naive, we trusted everybody who makes friends with us.
We were aggressive, we showed the bad temper at everything we don't like. 
Throughout these few years, I have experienced a lot in this campus.
It changed me from time to time.
I wasn't who I am now back to that time.
But everything change me to who I am, now.

28.6.2015 was the date we last gathered together, as a student.
I am no longer young, I am into adulthood now.
I am no longer naive, I only trust someone I found trustful after days and days observing.
I am no longer aggressive, I can still wear a smile on my face at everything around me.
I didn't know how good or how bad is those changes done to me.
People said that is what we supposed to learn and accept when we grow older.
I experienced happiness throughout these 5 years,
but I suffered a lot too.
The way to be a teacher ain't as easy as you think.
What makes me stay until today is my mindset, telling me don't simply give up my dream to be a teacher.

Thankful to have this bunch of friends who accompany me throughout these five years.
We argued and we quarreled before,
but I am glad that we are still very good friends now.
I am glad that there are laughter among us whenever we gather.
I truly appreciate every moments to be with them.

We went to celebrate our 5th anniversary in Papazzi cafe on the day.
It is one of my favourite and most-often-visiting cafe.
There were a lot of memories here.

There was another class gathering on 29.6.2015.
Papa Zel was not available on the 28th so we gotta delayed the anniversary gathering one day later.
We always feel proud to have Papa Zel as our class tutor.
You could hardly find any tutor have such close relationship with their mentees.
Somemore he is a Malay and all of us are Chinese.
But that didn't affect in anything.
We call him papa and we love him.
We had our class gathering at The Windmills Cafe because that is a halal cafe.
BC2 rocks!
With 4 out of 8 guys in our class.
 6T in our class.
 Si Sampat us.
Yee Peh is having a baby! *Kidding*
Shorty :(
 Happy 5th anniversary my classmates!
Hope this won't be the last gathering among us?
2 months to go
Friendship forever.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Yee Ching's surprising 23rd.

I was busy writing about my holidays in China and yet to be done. Gosh!
So this is a delayed post. And it is about Yee Ching's 23rd.

It was the new start of a semester, our last semester in IPG.
There was a great happening in the first week school, which was Yee Ching's big day!
Since this might be the last birthday we celebrated for her ,
*hopefully there is another in the future of course*
 we planned to give her a real big and surprising one.
We cheated her by pretending we didn't care about it.
We asked her to decide a cafe to dine in and asked her to book herself.
We decided not to even great her a Happy Birthday throughout the whole day kuliah.
How bad us!

She decided to have the dinner in Coffee in Loft.
The mural
The deco.
 While waiting for food.
Birthday star and me. :)
 Pretty Kexin.
 With Ena.
 Boring us.
Food finally arrived.
Shared the chicken chop with Yeexien because we had prepared some cup noodles for supper.
I guess Yeeching felt bad seeing us sharing? 
She thought we spent too much for her birthday and gotta share meal to reduce expenses. XD

And cake arrived almost the same time!
Failed to give her a Kindori ice cream cake so ended up ordering chocolate ice cream cake.
First time we had ice cream cake for birthday celebration!
The cake was nice! Felt good to have ice cream in hot day like this.
 Birthday girl with cake.
 Le sisters.
Le members.

Surprising crime finally get started after meal.
We really looked forward to see her reaction.
 Drove her to the destination.
She was so smart that she could sense which road which place I was driving her to,
so I got to purposely turn around here and there to mess her mind up.
 And lastly we arrived.
The Biz Hotel.
 What welcomed her eyes when she took the mask out.
It must be really surprising!!!
 Yeexien was playing the instrument I get her all the way from China.
A happy birthday song.
The decorations we prepared in the afternoon.
No doubt, we booked the room one day earlier and checked in immediately after class in the afternoon to decorate the room.
I drew her name on the balloons.

 Le happy girl.
 Le lovey dovey.
Love this photo the most!
Le girlfriends.
 And the pity photographer with a very tiring pose.
 Thank you Ivan!

We had selected pretty posing picture.
We had funny posing picture.
 And of course we had failure and stupid picture of course.
Girls being girls.

We cheated Yeeching saying this is where Kexin's friend working at and her friend lend us this place for fun. And we gotta leave this place and back to hostel at about 10pm.
She bought it! Ha!
She felt weird we didn't really act like rushing back when the clock strike 10pm.
And only by that time she knew the whole story.
We booked this hotel and gotta stay here for one night!!
Continued taking photo before changed into pyjamas.
 Hippo and Giraffe.
 With Peh Yee.
 Yee Xien and Ena.
 Chanel and Peh Yee.
 Chanel and I.

Took a bath and had our supper cup noodles.
And now only she knew why we shared food for dinner. XD
Partners in crime.
I had my spicy dry noodles from China. I felt bad I didn't buy more. It was super tasty. Very Chinese style the taste I couldn't find in our country.

We chit-chatted only for a while and they all claimed that they wanna go for bed.
What a disappointment!
Especially for someone who love pillow talk in the dark like me.
So goodnight world. :)

This was a great experience celebrating friend's birthday and continued staying overnight outside.
It was really amazing to throw all the worries and troubles away, just to have fun and enjoy the moment with friends.
I hope there are more to come.
In the limited time left.