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Friday, March 25, 2016

Relaxing Friday in Coffee Garden

Weekend is coming!
The first weekend after mid-term holidays.
Surprisingly there isn't any co-curriculum this week.
But I am not going back home. Sad case.
Planned to go Singapore to find my relatives but I feel scare without any companion.
And my friends go back Muar due to Good Friday holidays. So what for I go right?
Thought I'm going to rot at home, but thankfully the teacher asked me to hangout and settle something. 

And here we are!
A coffee shop belongs to a pretty friend of mine, 
known few years ago through calligraphy event.
Always wanted to visit her shop but I'm still too new in JB.
And the cafe is located a bit far from my place. 

Feel great to be here.
The ambiance is good.
The smell of thick coffee when you walk in.
Aww! That blessed feelings.
And the songs played are soft and nice.
I hope I could stay here forever.
The sun is super hot outside, so it makes my stay here even more comfy. 
Meet the pretty talented barista, Xin Yu.
Le Menu deco.
Relaxing surrounding.
I ordered Cafe Mocha recommended by Xin Yu and she was trying to make the coffee for me.
I really envy this friend for owning a coffee shop at this young age and for having the talent to do coffee art.
*Do look for her for your own customized coffee art!*

My very first customized coffee art.
Super excited to see the outcome!!! It is super cute!!
My signature hippo.
Everybody knows hippo and giraffe are good friends right? XP
I am always too shy to request a customized coffee but not this time. Ha!
Throwing away troubles and homework and chores 
and enjoying my rare precious weekend in JB.
So, this is how I spent my lovely weekend.
I hope everyday is a weekend.

No. 32 Jalan Austin Height
8/6 Taman Mount Austin
Johor Bahru

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Legoland day!

Heyyo all!!!
I am back to Skudai, my working place. 
But haven't really switch back to working mode.
It's the last day of holidays, C'mon! Let's have fun gao gao till the end!
Thank you Legoland for having the English Mania programme and we teachers are given 4 tickets FREE to have fun in Legoland! 
* One of the advantages of being a teacher :P *
I have always wanted to visit Legoland so this giveaway is happening at the right time. 
God know how happy I am when I know I can visit Legoland for free! Muahaha.
I love to stay at home so much but I come back to JB one day earlier due to this trip, such sacrifice huh.

I went to Legoland with my housemates, Vivian and Clare.
We departed about 9.30am.
It is only a 18km from our rented house to Legoland.
So, here we were!
*The entrance is too big and we are too small and we are super embarrassed to request those passer-by photographer too much.*
Wefie settled everything. :)

Vivian attended the English Mania briefing at 10.30am as one of the term and conditions to get the tickets free.
So, while waiting for her, Clare and I decided to join the Robotics workshop.
We learnt how to control the robot by giving instruction through a computer to complete a few tasks.
Both of us were super blur and confusing at the beginning. But slowly we found this workshop is interesting.
The robots and us.

Bare with me and my random selfie.
Damn damn it was super hot today!
Thanks for the sun that shone on me mercilessly, giving it's sun ray generously.
I had became darker now!!! :(
*Mask on my face while typing this*
We then visited the Star Wars museum.
There are so many Star Wars scene in the museum, all built up using Lego. We girls felt so sorry for not really appreciate the effort 'coz we are neither Lego addicts nor Star Wars fans. But we were amazed by the hard work lah. 
Yes we are!

Moved to Miniland!!!
Johor signature.
The sultan's crown.
The clock tower looked like the one we are having in Tanjung Emas, Muar.
Daulat Tuanku and proud to be a Johorean!!!
The moving boat.
Forbidden City and The Great Wall.
I miss Beijing awwwwww
There are so many travel spot in different countries being built in Lego here.
The work is impressive! *Thumbs up!!*
There are different kinds of Malay houses being built up in Lego too.
Not to forget our country signature.
The Putrajaya.
The robot is cuuutttteeeeee!

After strolling around in the Miniland, Clare and I finally decided to muster some courage to take the roller coaster rides!
While queuing up for the Project X.
Took two rides and I became super dizzy. 
The rides weren't as scary as challenged as the one in USS, I don't understand the reason why I am so weak. I am old already. Thrilling things had no more suit me, perhaps. :(
Food is a MUST for me when I am tired and dizzy.
I am having low blood pressure, is it related? hahahah
Had our lunch Grilled Chicken Leg set at King's Grill at RM28.
It is yummilicious!!!!!
No more rides for chicken JC after the meal.
So we went for 4D movie.
Not the best 4D I have watched. Transformer in USS is still the best!
The story is okay, I don't really understand the English Oops.
It kept 'raining'! The water splashing for 3 times! My tops and bags gone wet!
Well, it was still a good idea to go for the 4D movie even the story isn't really attracting. 'Coz it is cool with the rain and wind inside. Hahaha!
Hippo and Giraffe reunited. LOL
They are cute!!! 

Back home at 5 something and it started raining, like finally. 
Thank you Legoland.
It called my day.
Relax for one whole week and even have great fun in the last day of holidays.
I guess I have fully recharged?
Happy school reopen!
It's time to work hard again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy catch up with ipg-mates!!

Happy Holidays!!!
I'm finally back to my lovely hometown after one month in Skudai.
It is always good to be busy. One month time flew without noticing.
There were a lot of happenings and changes in Muar within this month.
Another 3-4 cafes opening! And my favoy Starbucks set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, can you believe? Muar town is so updated nowadays! There is Starbucks in Muar!!!!!
Ha! Sorry for being too excited.

Well, back to the topic.
I met up with my IPG classmates yesterday.
It had been about 3-4 months since most of us last met.
The first met up in the year of 2016.
Because of that, I chose not to have my school duty during this March holiday.
I am fallen into sick, flu and cough, but still very determined to hang out.
Lets meet two of my favoy girls in ipg!
Gorgeous Yee Ching.
Pretty Ker Sing.

We went for fish head bee hoon for lunch and followed by our favoy pastime at Mr. Mic.
The last time we sang K together was about half year ago. 8 of us. Miss that moment!!!
Congratulations, Yc! You have pretty teeth now! 
Cheers to braces off life. Sorry for the retainer life. XD
It was not a Girls' day out actually.

Kexin and I then picked Ena up from bus station and back to my home. 
Chit chatting while waiting for Kevin and Desmond back from Malacca.
Had our second session at Pre-tea Q.
Girls couldn't stay together. 
When girls being together, the whole world get messed!
Sorry for the photoboom below.
Every photo is love. It is hard to pick some to post, so I post almost all.
But before that, 
let me remind you readers again,
this wasn't a Girls' meetup.
There was Yc's bb mr. Ivan along.
We just neglected him most of the time. Wahahahaha!
4 of us from 三八们
Too bad YeePeh was too ill and couldn't join us.


Stop scrolling down 

you are
still single

I scare you might lost your interest and hope for girls.







Dont say I didn't warn you. XD
Showing muscles.
And squeezing double chin.
Shameless selfies.
Girls gone crazy when they see big mirror.
Sisters bond.
Photo of the day. 
*Love Love Love*

After those shameless waiting moment, Kevin, Desmond and Wanting had finally reached.
And they brought a stranger teacher that I don't know also. LOL
We chatted for quite a while and knowing that the time was chasing us.
Reluctantly, we bid goodbye.
A formal shot.
Kevin, why you accidentally close your eyes?
OMG, Desmond! Your hair grow!!!
BC 2 for life.

I used to dislike my IPG friends and life.
I feel bored to stuck with them everyday.
We always get quarrel easily.
We separated into gangs and gangs.
We never unite.
I hate that.

But now,
the moment to be with them seemed to be really precious, 
and have become one of the moment that I want it to stay forever the most.
I really really hope that we can say goodbye and still meet together, having class together, quarrel together the next day,
like we used to be.

But I know that time like that had gone,
and will
I miss them.
I miss my ipg-mates.
So much.
More that I thought I would.

Hope the next time we could meet isn't too far.
Friendship forever.
All the best in north and south,
in educating the next generations,
in dealing with parents.