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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Last night last day in IPTHO T.T

I still remember the first day I stepped into IPTHO vividly.
I was so lost that time.
I couldn't find where is the hostel, where is the canteen and so on.
It seemed to be a maze a labyrinth to me. So confusing.
We wait for the graduation to come for so long but the journey is like will never come to the end.
Long long journey.
And suddenly, it came to the last night.
*I still could not really accept this reality now. Leaving IPTHO is still so unreal to me.*
I was quite sad that night. I couldn't focus on revising.
We decided to have a gathering session. *串门子 for the last time*
 Cheers again!
For the friendship.

And we decided to take video.
We sang sad songs about graduation and leaving and said something sentimental.
We sang our school song for the last time and realised we couldn't really memorize the lyrics and felt guilty.
And of course, we cried.
 Candid me.

Stayed late at night, not only for revision, but reluctant to sleep.
Lying on the bed and start trying to remember every edge of the room.
Also I know, when I wake up, it will be the last day.
Just don't want the last day to reach that soon.
Last examination in the hall.
Very tough and HOTS questions but who care?
When the lecturer asking us to leave the hall, I shed tears. Serious.
I just felt really really sad.
*It was so hard to even typing this recalling that moment. Pain.*
The roommates.
*Never know my hair had became so long.*

Felt really sad 'coz Choo Choo was the first to leave.

The lifelong roommates. *Miss you*
Congrats Desmond!!! You are officially graduated *Cheers and applause*
BC 2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Separation is a b*llsh*t.
*Pairs of swollen eyes*

I used to rush back to my room, pack all my things up, get my car and go home.
But not this time.
A very last hangout with them.
Last meal.

Had the last meal together in Dong Seoul, one of the restaurant that we all love it.
Not feeling anything at first until when Choo Choo mentioned her parents had reached and she gotta go.
Zhen Cong sang 祝你一路顺风 and I started crying, hysterically.
I tried to hide but I failed.
I cried my heart out.
For the first time I know how bad it is to separated with my friends.
Thinking of we could no more meet up everyday, no more crapping and nonsense everyday.
Thinking of no matter how loud you shout and nobody will ever appear in front of you immediately.
Thinking of the next time we meet is after retirement?
*Like what happened to my aunt and some of her maktab-mates*
I hugged Choo Choo again and again, just don't feel like letting her go.
And Yee Xien cried and Yee Peh cried and Choo cried and Sin Pin cried.
Me, YX and YP very easy to cry.
But when Choo and Sin Pin cried, you know how sad it was.

Keep the hard feeling and we went to Break Through.
We picked the theme of Bloody Murder.
I was quite happy 'coz I get some of the clue.
We were all quite good to solve the difficult parts. But what funny was we get stuck at the should-not-be-a-trick part. LOL
We completed the game and successfully escape within the time given. Yay!!
My teammates.
Had fun trying lotsa cute costume while waiting for another three who tried the Minions Room.

Winner yay!!! XD
The Minions Team.
Don't understand why they love Minions hahaha
OMGOSH Chey Zhen Cong!!!! You are so funny dude XD


Back to hostel and found room mate had gone. Felt very empty.
Packed my room as slow as I could, for the first time.
Reluctant to leave, for the first time.
I knew when I go, I will never back as a trainee again.
I could no longer stay here with a bunch of friends.
No longer hostel life.

I drove real slow.
Every corner had it's stories to tell.
The gate we in and out in and out everyday.
The power of five.
Full stop.
I really learn a lot here.
I always wanted to be a teacher. You are the magical place where turned me from a dreamer into a teacher.
I not only learnt how to be a teacher here, I learnt more than that.
I learnt how to lead a life.
I changed a lot here.
Living style, eating style, mindset, thought, the way I talk, temper, a lot.
I would be a totally different person if not in here, if I were in the other places.
I recognize friends here.
Memories are precious.
You changed me into who I'm today.
Thanks for the memories.
Every parts and parcels.
Thanks for everything.
Every single thing.