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Sunday, May 22, 2016

My first ever Teacher's Day :D

Sorry bloggie.
I am too busy to manage my space here.
There were so many happenings recently. Happy and sad.
I am trying to record down a happy moment here.
Trying to share how happy and blessed I am a teacher.

Well, it was Teacher's Day.
Seriously I don't feel any difference even it was Teacher's Day.
Until I entered school and my students greeted me 'Happy Teacher's Day' and even gave me flowers and presents.
I was actually shocked and felt a little embarrassed to receive those gifts.
But I was happy and touched inside.

Teacher's Day celebration held one week after the actual date.
I was picked to be the emcee of the ceremony.
I was surprised that I was picked.
Afraid and nervous yet happy that I was given a precious chance to learn and try new thing.
I did a very simple make up on that day.
Eyebrow as usual, add on foundation, double eyelid and lipstick and not to forget I wore lens.
And that seemed to make a huge difference for my face?
On cloud nine when students said I looked pretty. Heehee =P

Butterflies flying in my stomach when I was on stage.
But I tried my very best to look and sound calm.
The cake.
Cutting cake ceremony for the afternoon session teachers.

Students performances.
Year 3 girl playing violin.
It was pretty cool huh!
Hot dance by Year 3.
The only guy in the middle was super daring in performing.
He danced so well and made me can't stop laughing.
Super cute!!!
Year 3 students performing 'You raised me up'.
The last show also by Year 3.
I really love the lyrics of this song. So meaningful and made me shed tears a little.
老師 老師 謝謝你
謝謝你 教我們生活倫理 數學和國語
老師 老師 謝謝你
謝謝你 忍受我們的頑皮

老師 老師 謝謝你
謝謝你 教我們天文地理 做人的道理
老師 老師 謝謝你
謝謝你 永遠不會忘記你
I feel touched when listening to this song because I remembered my own teachers.
They are one of the reason I wanted to become a teacher now.
I am glad that I achieve it.

After the ceremony, I back to own class.
Thanks to the parents of one of my kid for making cupcakes for the teachers and classmates.
My class 3D.
I am happy that I am one of the class teacher.
Though it is very troublesome most of the time to be a class teacher and perhaps a lot of teachers don't like it. For example, I have to take care of them, help them to settle a lot of things, listening to their endless but meaningless complains,
I am actually enjoying the pain.
I feel that I am belonged to them and they are MY kids.
I will try my best to teach them, to make them happy and enjoy learning and most important is to love their mother tongue their own culture.

Becoming a teacher isn't easy.
This occupation isn't as easy as you think, like having a lot of holidays, working half day.
I work in school. I prepare for tomorrow's lesson at night and I mark book in the morning and even weekends.
I have to sacrifice most of my weekends not going back home but stay in JB and do my teaching preparation. You know how much I love to go back home when I was in maktab. I rushed back every weekend immediately after class.
And I guess there isn't any job that makes one so angry and so worry everyday. That you have to shout your voice out most of the time. That you have to worry about students' result, health condition etc. And you have to worry about being complained? And also your own teaching performance.
Teachers did so many things not to earn salary, you put into full effort or not also you will receive that salary.
Teachers work hard is to produce quality students, in both discipline and academic.
I treat them like my own brothers and sisters, I want them to be good, to be a useful person in the future, that's why I work hard.
Respect your teacher.