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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 achievements recap.

I really love 2015 because all the happenings are good one. I tried out a lot of new things. I achieved what I targeted in my academic and I graduated!! 
It had came to the last day of 2015 and I feel really reluctant to let it go.
Before the clock hits the first twelve midnight of 2016, let's check and see whether all my 2015 resolution had done successfully now.

1. I hope I could improve my teaching skill and get an A+ *guru cemerlang* in my last practicum. 
*To achieve this aint easy. I tried really hard in teaching and get along with my kids and get all my documents well prepared. I am really proud and thankful to achieve this. Yet I know I am not the best. Of course I am not the best. I am still a newbies in teaching career and all I need to do is to work hard afterwards.*

2. Maintain my CGPA till the end of my course. 
*Maintain my result at last. Feeling thankful!! The result of the last semester wasn't really good actually but luckily it didn't affect my CGPA. Study hard for every single exam and work hard for every assignments throughout these 4 years of degree to achieve this. First class. Yay!*

3. Brush up my 草书 and meet my calligraphy teacher more often. 
*My 草书 improved days by days, I can feel it, I can write it smoother, but it is not really great yet, so I gotta keep it up.*

4. 8-10 English novels. 
*Sad case only read 3 novels this year. Elanor and Park. To all the boys I've loved before. If I stay. Anyway those 3 books are great!! Read more than 10 Chinese novels this year thou.*

5. Less time in drama and social media.
*This seemed to be a mission impossible huh? I should really count how many drama I watch each year.*

6. Workout regularly.
*Workout more often this year and even went for Zumba. But my workout schedule wasn't regular, I workout when I feel like and relax when I feel lazy. I should really fix the timetable and workout regularly for a perfect body.*
7. Travel to new country using own money. 
*China isn't a new country for me. I had been to China twice and this was the third time. Somehow Beijing is a new spot for me. And most proud to say is I went using my own money. And also without my aunt's accompany.*

8. Write 400-500 春联 for donation function. 
*So this had become a habit during each year holidays.
300 now. 2 more weeks holiday to achieve 500!*

9. Blog more to record life.
*The amount of my blog post getting lesser compared to last year. I don't know why but I really write down my happenings. Maybe I should record down more and more.*

10. Braver, more independent, more sociable, more daring, expose myself more to others.
*I think I had turned into a better person this year. I am braver to share my ideas and expose myself to the others and so on after those practicum and internship experience and also my Beijing trip. Those are really good experience for me to become more sociable and more daring. I gotta keep it up!*

Out of 10 resolutions, I hit 5. And the others are still in progress. 
Not too bad thou? HAHA
Hope it would be better next year.
By the way, there are some little achievements of me this year which I didn't expect before.

I learnt make up this year. lol

I had my first book written. Ha! Which is my thesis.

I held a calligraphy camp in a primary school where I carried out my internship.

And not to forget my first mural there.

Well, despite of I didn't attend calligraphy class and practice that often, I managed to be selected and enter the Sim Mow Yu countrywide calligraphy competition. Even though I didnt win at last but at least I managed to be picked as one of the 30 person in the Open Category. I should be proud right? At least I maintain my standard. This was the sixth and I never miss it from the first.
I guess I had recorded all my achievement in 2015. 
2015 had been really nice to me which I feel thankful.
Gonna upload my 2016 resolutions tomorrow! 
*Feeling stress 'coz one must be improving each year*
Hope 2016 is another great year for me.
*Pray hard for that*

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Holidays started decades ago and finally it's my turn to go for a vacation.
Planned to visit Japan but too bad the time crashed with my interview and I could no longer join the trip. :(
I got green eyes seeing everybody go travelling through social media but I could only stuck at home, doing nothing.
So luckily I got this short getaway to our neighbor country Singapore.
Visiting Singa-land not really satisfy my desire in travelling since the country is so near to me it is not considered overseas and I've been there for so many times, but oklahokalah better than none huh!
So, I am here!

It is our pleasure to have such lovely aunt as a dedicate and great teacher. Due to her responsible attitude in her job last century, her long-lost-contact-student invited her to Singapore and offer her to stay in Marina Bay Sands! And brother and I taking advantage of this precious opportunity to go along. Whee!
This seems to be my push to be a great teacher like my aunt too! 
*Really feel proud to have a great-teacher-aunt*
Checked in Sands Suite in Tower 1.
The room is really huge with a separated living room and dining room outside.
TWG tea and Nespresso served!
Not to forget the huge bathroom is love.
I guess nobody could hide the excitement to stay in this luxurious room?
*Please forgive my over-excitement perhaps? Imma kampung girl XD*
And the brother and I went exploring the hotel.
The lobby eating site.
The view from 57th floor.
The brother and I.
The stunning SkyPark Infinity Pool.
The sky started to get dark and we went back to the Suite to have our steamboat dinner there.
And a little bit of red wine.
All of us decided to visit Gardens by the Bay which is just opposite the hotel but too bad it started raining.
I decided to come swimming.
It was super damn cold to swim at 57th floor rooftop pool after a heavy rain. The wind made my teeth shaking and the whole body shivering. I was praying hard don't fall into another flu when I was swimming.
The view from the rooftop pool is superb.

And we didn't miss the chance to visit the casino in midnight.
I spent $10 to gamble for fun but too bad I lose. :(
Back to sleep at 2.30am.

What welcomes my eyes the next morning!
I was bathed in the brilliant sunlight. Blissful. :)
The sunshine lit up our living room generously.
Morning view by the pool.
Had our breakfast at Sky on 57.
Breakfast kicked off a brand new morning.
I didn't know each person could order two sets of food when I took this plate.
Greedy cat insisted to do the order.
My dream. Benedict eggs!!
The scenery.
The brother ordered Omelette and Chef's special Pork Beehoon whereas I had my Benedict eggs and Ramen.
I was surprised by my stomach that I swallowed my two sets of food in. #fatdieme
And I had another cup of latte into my stomach.
Gosh, I was like a pregnant lady after this heavy breakfast.
The Xmas tree in the lobby.
We then paid our visit to Gardens by the Bay to minimize my guilt of eating too much. Ha!
Marina Bay Sands.
That wind.
I couldn't deny the brother is a good photographer.
 With the aunt.
The bees. The flowers. The nectar.
That was how we spent our blissful morning.
Had a simple lunch and another student of my aunt brought us to Somerset 313 to have Bingsu!
Crave for Bingsu for a long time and this was my first time having it.
I was really blessed. :)
Injeolmi Bingsu
Choco Brownie Bingsu

Strolled in Bugis Junction at night.
Happy girl bought 2 dress and my favoy matcha latte and Korean rice sweets.

It was really tiring these 2 days, roadtrip and walking around.
So we decided to sleep for the whole day.
Battery recharged and let's chillax at night.
We went to Orchard Road to see the X'mas deco.
 And back to Marina Bay to visit Gardens by the Bay again.

Marina Bay Sands at night.

Gorgeous building which looked like firecracker.
When I was taking photo,
it started snowing!!

It was kinda weird to see the snow under such hot weather.
It was super crowded.
 With the aunt.
New dress Yay!
That called another day.
The next morning, we decided to visit the famous temple in Bugis.
And afterwards we had gathering and BBQ at aunt's student's condo at Pasir Ris.
It was really good to see a bunch of old friends gathered together. Though it was ages they didn't meet and contact with each other, there wasn't any awkward feelings. They crapped and laughed like nobody business. I secretly pray that there is this one day for me and my primary school friends, secondary school friends and also IPG mates to gather again and travel again.

Time flies and it came to the last day of my Singapore trip.
We bid goodbye to lao-gor.

There are a lot of my friends who don't like Singapore, but I am at the opposite site.
Singapore is the country I adore the most.
The safety, the public transport, the living style and all.
Though it isn't my mother land, it is very familiar to me.
So needless to mention that I will visit soon again, no doubt.
It's time to back to practicing my calligraphy.