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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Escape to Cafe 1988 :)

Well, I always envy those who could dine in some nice cafe and having nice photo of nice foodie. I like to read foodporn blog post. They gave me the chance to eat yummylicious food through my eyes. Seriously I need some escape from those piles of notes coz they are simply too bored and heavy. I want to digest food but not notes, please! I need to have fresh air fresh breath from outside. I am stuck at home and green spot grown around. To be exact, I am rotten. So, today, I had my little escape with my bestie and her sister in Cafe 1988.

It is a new cafe in Muar town. It is actually a small little inconspicuous shop by the roadside, in between two old dilapidated shops. My favourite Wanton noodles was being sold here before it was renovated and turned into this lovely cafe now. I heard my friends commented that the food here is quiet expensive but still I would like to have a try here.
I would immediately think of her everytime I want to have nice food and I dont know why. 
 Too bad the seats inside were too limited and we were asked to sit outside.
Luckily it was a cloudy day.
The comfy site.
Some simple retro decorations inside.
 Fiona and Joey.
*Spot the seats and the bicycle deco*
 My Cappuccino @Rm10.
I am not a real coffee lover. What I could describe overall is it is smooth and I hope it could make me stay alert.
Fiona's Viennese Coffee @Rm11.
It tastes similar like my cappuccino, just the milk above makes it sweeter. 
Joey's Mint Chocolate with marshmallow @Rm11.
Fiona's Chicken Alfredo @Rm18.
A bit too dry.
 Joey's Squid and Chicken @Rm19.
This is also quite dry but actually not bad with the chilli powder.
 My Creamy Squid @Rm19.
 It is stated as House Special on the menu so I ordered it. It is heavenly delicious as you know I am a Carbonara lover! Every carbonara makes me feel blessed. Ya, it is actually carbonara with squid juice, salty a bit, less cheesy abit. The squid nearly made my choke!
 And it makes my lips DIRTY even though I ate very carefully already.
 Selca when we finished.
It's time to back to reality and face the book!
*But I'm still blogging. :P*

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