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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Peh Yee's 21st birthday party!

It had been one month since the last birthday celebration among us. And it had been a long time since I last hangout for hor-liao. So kinda looking forward this celebration party. The girls had been worried for one whole month about what to give, how to celebrate, surprise, venue and all. And finally it was the day!! The girls did their fussy make up and set their hair and turned out a bunch of pretty bridemaid before hanging out. But too bad no matter how pretty you are, still you gonna wrap yourself like a dumpling before you get out from the college gate. Grr for the school rule! ## By the way, I was the only one with a nude face zero make up. 
OOTD of mine. My legs looked slim! Whee xP
Princess of the day, Birthday Star - Peh Yee
Yee Xien the super skinny giraffe.

The girls were way too busy taking OOTD before the set dinner served until Yee Ching's man said please come back dining table for dinner. And it was super funny when he blurted out 'Finish my meal already, it is time for me to start working.' and he started playing his role as a cameraman to take photo of us. *Thankiew Ivan*
Eating yum yum .
I had my Chicken Carbonara Spaggeti and it was super delicious. I think it is the best carbonara I had ever tried, so creamy and cheesy. :P
Poh Choo Chanel

After we filled our stomach, it came to the highlight of the night!! Yee Xien, Sin Pin, Kexin and Yee Ching the Pianist played the Happy Birthday song while Chanel the Emcee sang the song. Ena and I brought the cake out from behind. And Ivan took the video of this scene. Because of some technical problem, the performance wasnt as flawless and perfect as during the practice, but who cares right? The meaning was priceless. Peh Yee shed tears there!! T_T I was deeply touched too. How nice if my friends could do something really surprise during my birthday too? I'm jelly.

The birthday girl just after crying.

Smile again. The hamburger cake was simply too cute! It wasnt too sweet. :P


After eating cake, we immediately back to photo session. This is what girls do all the time. I like taking photo as memories too. 2 years left and everything seemed more precious.
Yee Xien and Chanel bao bao face.
Hippo Giraffe the bestie.
And after a lot of selca, we found we should have group photo again so that Ivan wouldnt be left over. It was quite hard to find a nice spot there coz it was abit too dark and narrow. The waitress said we took photo like student coz all queue up in one straight line.
The student style of us. :)
Yee Xien wanted to take photo like my SNSD desktop photo but this was the outcome. They are well-trained in posing laaaa. There was another little surprise because the staff of the Piano Bar prepared the photo card for Peh Yee immediately.
With the birthday girl.
The blues.
Like Yee Ching's brilliant smile but she gonna become 'Bo-geh-ching' soon Wakaka XD
Nice shot.
With Sin Pin the rarely feminine lady.
With Kexin.
With Choo choo.
With Yee Ching.
Like this shot a lot. The difference between make up and zero make up was I looked so dull and dark in every photo.

Wrapped like dumpling again before went back to college. The celebration havent come to the end. The 4 pianist prepared Rock version birthday song for Peh Yee. We switched off the light in the room and on our torch light before Peh Yee entered. The room turned into Iptho-beam Bar with rock music, crazy jumping and dancing and neons. We didnt enter I-beam Bar but still we got our own way to entertain ourselves.
The gang and the GIANT birthday card.
Posing like what we posed in the card.
With the girl in her birthday gift blue dress. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance Peh Yee! Wish you stay healthy and pretty always. Dont always get sick and gastric. Hope you will lead a happy life like a little princess forever.


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