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Monday, August 11, 2014

Yupei Health Vegetarian Food

It had been a really long time since I last dine in Yupei Health Vegetarian Food.
It has now moved to a shop house at Taman Permai, which is the shop house opposite the field of Dato' school.
The atmosphere here is quiet and comfortable with the playing of Buddha songs.
It relaxes mind of the people who dine in here.
There are lots of organic food being sold here either.

I get super hungry after school.
I miss the cheese baked rice and the pita bread here!! But I ordered something else LOL
 Pita bread
 Cheese baked curry rice.
This set only costed me RM5! It is quite a small set if you are a big eater. But it is considered full-filling for small eater like me. XD
I ordered this set for my uncle. :)
 This set is for me! Sesame noodles and soup set for RM5.
It is really good. Very fresh and healthy. :P

A very very simple post about the vegetarian food I had taken yesterday.
Try it if you are a green eater in Muar town.
The food here is different from other vege food outside. It will never disappoint you.

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